Posted by: krnloop | June 23, 2008

SS501 Hyun Joong in HYD, not yet final!

Contrary to reports last June 21, SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong’s participation in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango is not yet final.

On the same day news broke, a DSP Entertainment official clarified the issue. “SS501 is busy on its album production and nothing has been decided yet (on Hyun Joong acting in the drama). It’s true that there was an offer for him to act in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango and it’s still being examined if it’s possible for him to shoot the drama,” the official said.

The official added, “It’s priority that he shoots MBC’s ‘We’re Married.’ An album can’t be produced if he starts filming for the drama. If schedules don’t get fixed, it’s going to be impossible to shoot the drama.”

But rumors are circulating that album production will be postponed once Hyun Joong and other SS501 members, who have also received offers to act in dramas, push through with acting.

Source: Starnews


  1. Ohh, is it gonna have a chance to see all five members of SS501 in Hana Yori Dango??

    But still i wish Hyun Joong will act in this drama as Hanazawa Rui!! Coz it really suits him!! ^^

    Hope he will not decline this drama!!


  2. No, other members have other drama offers.

  3. their decision will make or break their year. they better decide wisely.

  4. I really hope he takes the job… it’ll really help his career IMO. btw I like your banner LOL

  5. I agree with coolsmurf their decision will make or break them .. if they all accept the roles in any drama it would be hard to produce and promote any kind of album .. but then it’s also a chance to break away from the norm for them and branch out to grow … Leader would be good as Rui since his personality is some what like Rui’s lol only other person I can really think of that would look good as Rui would be Lee Jun Ki .. anyways good luck to the boys!

    • hi…my name is fatemeh from iran.i cant speak english very well, but i love hyun joong. i have coming korea.see you later

    • hi ……I……………….LOVE……..YOU

  6. If he accept da role it’ll be hard for them to promote their album if he declined this role I hope Geun Suk got picked xD

  7. But i still wan to see him to act in this drama..TT

  8. That penalty!!!!!!
    I wanted to see to hyun Joong acting in HYD!
    But if a lot work is better than not..


  9. yeah!!!i’m also wanted to see hyun joong in hyd!!
    he’s the hottest version of rui!!!!!!

  10. please update

  11. i concur with above.

  12. ss501 fact and act 😛

  13. where are you krnloop?

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  15. Are you MIA right now? We need you! You’re the only nice one nowaday! Please come back soon.

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  17. I miss you too ~

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    your my only source nowadays, but now you’re gone :[[[[

    and if you’re a man. i apologize :]

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    we miss you,
    please tell us that your still breathing!
    come back!

    hope all is well!

  21. yes, we do miss you krnloop. please come back soon~! 🙂

  22. Please come back – you’re one of the few non-biased news sites out there!

  23. come back soon, i miss your articles =(

  24. i wish HJ really plays Rui role lar
    hahahhaz Hwaiting


  26. Where are you? TAT

  27. I’m keep visiting your site without any update.

    Are You OK ?

  28. same here

  29. Same here too

  30. cayo my Idol SS501 Fighting

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    but are you dead??
    come back!!

  32. Krn, where are you? =(

  33. where’d you go~? we miss you so~

  34. we miss you!

  35. ah~ krnloop, youre finally back!!

    hyunjoong is too busy and he’s been injured/sick too much~~ he shouldnt be working so hard ^^

  36. are you back yet??

  37. 3 mths w/o you! 😦 hope all is well! ❤

  38. 어딘가요?ㅠ

  39. i miss this blog 😦

  40. it looks hyunjoong’s in for sure now…!
    where are you kloop?!

  41. hyun joong handsome
    saya tunggu serial terbaru kamu … BOYS BEFORE FLOWER … gak sabar nich nunggu serial ok ini ya…

  42. cool,
    more info on kpop

  43. isn’t it crazy that the show has already started?

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