Posted by: krnloop | June 21, 2008

Brown Eyes’ 3rd album, sold-out

The first 30,000 copies of Brown Eyes’ 3rd album “Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objects,” which was released last June 19, were completely sold-out in only after a day since it came out in the market.

According to Mnet Media, the distributor of the duo’s album, although Brown Eyes’ 1st and 2nd albums managed to sell more than 600,000 copies each, it initially just manufactured 30,000 copies of the duo’s 3rd album because of the current bad state of the music industry, where selling 100,000 album copies is a rare feat.

It is expected that Brown Eyes’ new album will soon surpass 100,000 sold copies. There has not been a released album until May 2008 that has reached the said number.

Source: Mydaily


  1. Man… I am so glad that they’re back together!!!

  2. is that tim on the right in the pic??? or are my eyes playing tricks on me…. o.O

  3. I’m really glad they’re back together, too! They were such great R&B singers and I get to hear more from them!

  4. haha, that’s not Tim.

  5. wt..
    tim is so ugly -_-

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  7. Can someone update me on the guys?
    I really like their one song but dunno them.

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