Posted by: krnloop | June 18, 2008

Lee Hyo Ri, Vidal Sassoon image model for another year

Lee Hyo Ri’s contract with Vidal Sassoon as its image model was extended for another year. To kick-off things, this month, Vidal Sassoon releases its Summer Hair Collection that features Lee Hyo Ri’s summer look.

Source: Chosun


  1. hi, i am a ‘silent reader’ of your blog and i noticed when searching krnloop on google that someone got the domain name for and — i noticed that the domain name server is listed as:


    i did some research on godaddy and i noticed also is registered on the SAME name server.

    as a concerned reader, if you’ve registered your name then i’m happy and please discount this post. but if not, i hope the one who registered and ‘stole’ your name gives it back to you since you built up your name all these months and i hope this doesn’t discourage you. KRNLOOP FIGHTING!!!

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  3. Hello avidreader!

    O_O Honestly, I don’t know the stuffs you just mentioned. I didn’t register on a domain name. All I did was register here in lol!

    Right now, I really don’t know the “implications” of what you just told me. Maybe you could explain more. Nevertheless, I’m not bothered about it. lol!

    Thanks btw for your post!

  4. I believe avidreader suspects that someone registered those domain names to prevent you from using them. If you’re not interested in registering krnloop as domain name then it’s not a big deal.

  5. Hey there!

    I doubt there’s much of a problem in the domain name registration…krnloop is registered under wordpress and so long as krnloop can continue with awesome stuff, does it really really matter?

    Anyway, just dropping a note to say that I took the picture – it was just to hot to miss out on! 🙂

  6. avidreader, thanks for your concern. I got where you’re going.

  7. she is so Pretty in this piCture…

  8. i love her

  9. good

  10. WOW she’s just AWESOME 😀

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