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  1. Hi, do you do most of these translations by yourself? In that case, thanks for doing a wonderful job. Also, I really appreciate the fact that you don’t add biased/rude commentary unlike some other gossip blogs. ^^

    • Hello!
      Kim Hyun Joong,

      You are very handsome,I think.
      So, every girls are love you.
      I miss you so much

      • kim hyun joong

        u r tooo good and sooooooooo cute i luv u very much (sarange )

      • hi you just try him ok gaert

  2. Ah yes, I do them. aawww… thanks. That’s really what I want to present here. News as they are. Thank you so much for dropping by!!!

    • hindi ko get eh””””””’

  3. love those updates… ^^ thankies for the share… ^^

  4. Merry Xmas eve krnloop! Thanks for providing great translations~! n__n If you ever need any help or want a banner or something, let me know. I’d love to help out with the site if I can.



  6. Merry Christmas StarCrystal, Sarah, sookyung, lovinbigbang, Wan, momovip, the7REAL., Sputnik, masz, Liz and to all the people who came/comes by!!!

    StarCrystal, wow, I’m touched. Don’t know anything about those stuffs. hahaha! I’m so shy and speechless.

  7. ops, Knov1 just posted! Merry Christmas to you too!!

  8. krnloop, love your site and keep it up..HO HO HO Merry Christmas y’all…..
    …i like sheep..hence the avatar..hehehe

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  9. its good to see more people come up here.. ^^ this site is really pleasant.. ^^

  10. i really like ur site. finally i sight that’s not biased. i got tired of popseoul. i hope your site gets more popular<3

  11. woa new skin.. looks really professional.. ^^

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  12. ahahaha, it’s really simple. hehe!

  13. FINALLY a site that doesn’t post POPSeoul-type trollop.
    Well done guys!

    *adds to syndicated feeds list*

  14. Ah thanks. I saw that someone linked this site in Popseoul. I hope I don’t get into trouble. “I’m just a simple man making my way through the universe.”

  15. lol.. u won’t get into trouble.. you are just doing the right stuff ^^

  16. i also wanted to say that krnloop is great
    i like how its so relevant plus its interesting

  17. Hello:
    My name is Fabiola, and I come from Peru.
    Ohh I found this site by chance, looking for information on my blog, which is news of Korean singers, but in Spanish. You site is really very good and very true.

    You have affiliates? Agree? Hahaha … If you do not have, I would have a button you and put your site on my blog as a member or friend, who always come and read your site that is good, I hope not bother, I always source ^ ^.

    Your site its very good!!
    Congratulations 🙂

  18. Ok, thanks! I don’t have affiliates. This site is quite new. Thanks for dropping by!

  19. Thanks to you ^ ^

  20. Thank you so much for your infos ! I hope you will get a LJ RSS soon so I can get updates immediately~

  21. This is such a great kpop blog xD
    I love that you have unbiased reviews and your translations are excellent. Keep up the good work ^^

  22. How does that work? Is it like this?
    Yesterday I saw this in my Stats:

    Is that the one you’re talking about?

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  23. oh my.. a new banner for the webpage.. the comet looks FLY for this website… ^^

  24. Thanks!! I just had to make this site look more presentable. ^^ I love stars!

  25. omg i just love your blogs/news XD
    they are so good and updated so quickly !
    thanks for all the blogs and translations .
    everything practically . LOL .
    thanks so much ^^
    keep up the awesome work =]

    • big bang thanke you

  26. Maybe you should credit yourself for translations? o-o Like “English translation by: https://krnloop.wordpress.com/” or something. >_o so that way people can copy & paste that too.

  27. StarCrystal, I think I’ll just rely on peoples’ conscience. LOL. But thanks for the concern. Appreciate it! ^^

  28. Nice blog you have here! And thanks for providing all this news in English for the many of us who don’t know Korean =D

    I know you list your source at the end of each article, but have you ever considered including a link to the source as well? It’s just that sometimes I want to see the source article as well, for my own reasons or just to pass on to other people who may be skeptical about some news ^^

  29. Ok, I’ll post links to the articles too.

  30. So great ^-^ Thank you so much 4 the site & all the update, u’re so amazing. Yeah ^^~ I agree with StarCrystal, it’ll be easier for ppl that wanna do proper credit but lazy like me ^^!

    • you nice friend tell just kowe berrtter him gaert huh kind firendly have sime
      for you with

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  31. Yep that’s the syndicated feed i’m reading off my LJ.

    Basically it sort of feeds all the stuff you post on here through to my friends page, so that when i am reading my friends’ updates, i get krnloop updates as well.

    It shows up on my page like this:

  32. Thank you for the LJ syndicated link ! Since I don’t have a paid account I couldn’t create one by myself~

  33. I think it’s good that you post the source and link to the original article. It gives this site more legitimacy than other so called news blogs.

  34. AH~ I’m so happy I found this site. Seriously if I ran into anymore “witty” *cough*hate*cough* sites I was going to scream. I really hate all the bashing those sites do and then wonder why artists kill themselves over depression caused by said sites.

    Keep at it~! Thank you so much!! I was starting to feel hopeless. 😦 but now I don’t.

  35. Wow, first time here and I am really impressed. You give legitimate “News” sources, and is really up to date!

    Thank you and please keep up the good work!

  36. hi krnloop ~

    i reallly love your news’ posts . they’re really up to date with the korean media ^__^
    so good to find a blog thats in english also . since i cant read korean symbols or japanese =[
    so thankyou so much XD

    kepp up the awesome work . V(^_~)V

    [ the V’s are V signs .. if u dont get it .. LOL ]

    • hi you are nice friend

  37. I just discovered this website today, and I must say, great site! This is much better and refreshing than all those ‘trying to be witty but ended up being douche bag’ entertainment blog out there! Keep up the good work ^^

  38. thanks for keeping us updated on all that goes on in korea!

    please keep it up! i look forward to more!

    (oh, and thanks for staying professional. (^_~) other sites don’t know how to)

  39. hi krnloop,

    your site is awesome … impressed

    thanks so much for all news-updates and translations.
    must be hardwork keeping-up all these updates
    hope u enjoy doing it

    I do ^.^

    really appreciated

    P.S. : I’m Rain’s Fan from Thailand.
    If you don’t mind, Is it possible that I repost your Rain’s translated-news and reposted in OnlyRain with full credits (Pantip.Thailand) fan-forum.
    actually, i did post 2 of the recent ones *u*…but I better need your permission coz it’s your work. Pls let me know if not.

    thanks so much,

  40. Oh, thanks!! No problem! Post the news wherever you want. Thanks for dropping by!!

    • hai beleh kesinih ngak ke sul_sel kb maros di sd polejiwaa yg nomor 32 pintar kah
      berbahasa indonesia= do you speak indonesian???????????/………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. dengan kami reski cahyati$1200.000(duablas dollar

  41. Krnloop

    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with happiness and love.
    No heart is as BIG as yours..
    Go VIp..Go Big Bang Go^^

  42. aawwww… Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!! That’s really sweet.

  43. I’m glad you are not like Popseoul.
    Your articles are well written, accurate , timely, informative and non gossip/trash like.

    Newss: kuraudo of boajjang.com

  44. ^ I agree. You have a great site.

  45. 🙂

  46. Superb site with great translations. Though, I suggest displaying the date of when the original article was posted so that readers know how recent the news is.

    Hope your site gains more and more fans!

    Krnloop fighting!

  47. I’ll take that into consideration. But I usually mention in the write-up when an event/announcement was done. Also, news posted here are usually just a day or two late from the time it was posted in Korean new sites.

  48. So I just started reading POPSEOUL yesterday but instantly grew tired of their comments. I am SO glad that someone linked this at LiveJournal because your posts are MORE professional without those trash-like remarks. I’m impressed that you’ve translated these articles yourself! Are you Korean by any chance?

    THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. I will add your LJ feed to my friend list.



  49. Came here from an LJ link. So happy someone’s writing real accurate and unbiased news on the internet. 😀 Both popseoul and allkpop are getting a bit too ridiculous for my tastes. Shenyuepop is even kind of childish these days. :/
    Thanks so much!

    • hi yes nice too you

  50. ^ SP has been always childish 😛

    Kudos to Krnloop for keeping it real.

  51. i love guys any way leader eetuek i love and donghae kangin all my crush with suju i love u!!!!!

  52. Hey, nice site! I’d love it if you put up an archive widget, or something to make navigation easier, though.

    Keep it up! Nice to find other sites that are into accurate news.

  53. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!! ❤ Your site pwns everything else out there~ n_nV

  54. javabeans, thanks for the suggestion. I already added that widget.

    e7erlasting, you’re making me blush! Thanks for dropping by! Your post made me smile!

  55. I’ve been looking for mellow kpop blog that focuses on delivering gossip w/o the catty race comments and feeble attempts to be clever…glad I found one 🙂

  56. Thankyou for this making this blog and translating all the latest news..i love to read updates on yg news most..hahhaa..i see your site linked at many forums so thought i’ll check it out..

    Keep up the good work..

  57. OMG HEY~ XDDD GD AND TOP! World’s most awesome banner!!!

  58. loop, i love the banner..woow..u just made my day. i got a bad cold since 3 days ago..at first i refused to eat my medicine..coz am afraid i might dozed off and wont be able to watch gummy mv launch..now that it is out at GOM TV, i think i can rest for now..even though i havent watch it..hahaah..weird huh…

  59. I already watched it and it’s a nice and sad MV!! Especially at the end. I almost cried when Gummy went on singing like she’s crying. I think it got so much hype that people might get “disappointed” with the MV. The kissing scene’s not as brutal to fan girls as the news have portrayed. LOL.

  60. Take your medicine now and sleep so you could see BB in your dreams. ha!

  61. hahaha..am feeling much better now..^^ after watching TOP..LOL

  62. hey forgot to wish ya Happy White last friday March 14th..hope you a had a great one… 🙂

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  63. LOL, I can’t even remember what I did on that day. But I’m sure I didn’t get any candies or chocolates.

    How was yours? 😉

  64. Hello!

    I’m the webmaster of a Korean Entertainment web directory ^^


    I really like your news site! Definitely my favourite!

    Could we be affiliates? ^^

    Thank you~

  65. oomg new banner ! I LOVE IT !!! JUNSU !! XDDD

  66. WE LOVE YOU KRNLOOP! You’re the bestest ❤

  67. Hello krnloop~!

    My friend and I own an LJ community where we share our JKC media uploads~ would you like to affiliate? ^_^ POPSICALOVE

    Thanks a lot =)

  68. yay i love your new header!!!
    CSJH/TSZX forever ❤

  69. oooo.. i’m so loving ur new banner, krnloop.. ^^

  70. how come my comments never appear again?

    haha, just wanna say – am loving ur banner and news delivered,KRNLOOP.. ^^

  71. This is a decent site, much better than lets say shenyuepop. I can’t understand a word they’re saying most of the time.

  72. sookyung, because they were considered spam. lol, but don’t worry, I check my spam comments so I’m always able to de-spam your posts. wow, that’s a lot of “spam” in this reply. lolololol

  73. ahahah.. hey krnloop, i’m here again.. ^^

    love the new banner.. hahah keep changing them ya, they’re hot!! ^^

  74. hey, krnloop, thanks for making such an awesome site!!!
    this is the first site i go to right after i turn on the computer (and check the BIG BANG Fansite…im a huge fan of theirs ^^;)

    like a lot of other people says, im SOOO glad that there’s one good site out there that doesnt trash Korean celebs.

    thank you for all you hard work!!! =]

  75. oh yeah, and i forgot, i LOVE how you constantly change the banner ❤

  76. my friend told me about ur blog, and i’m really glad that i’m here. as a lot of people have already mentioned, i really appreciate all ur hard work translating and then posting them without bias. ❤ keep up the great work!

  77. suggestion, for those pictures that are wider than the column u can add this to your img tag

    width=”500″ is the max for my blog theme.

    continue the good work!

  78. oh, ok, thanks for the tip. I don’t know a lot on technical stuffs. I’ll try it now. lol.

  79. krnloop

    forgot last Monday was a Black Day..So happy belated black day to you^^

    ate jjajangmyeon with my sisters and had fun watching The Great DVD…again

  80. lol! You always greet me on special days!!
    As I’m typing, I’m laughing because the font size is big. I’m still not used to this.

    I bet you had the jjajangmyeon sauce all over your mouth. lol!

    You sure had fun on Black Day!

  81. Awesome new site!

  82. I forgot if I ever left a comment on this page…

    Anyhow, I love the new layout! 🙂

    And always, of course, thank you for the translations. I don’t know what I would do without your site. I check it daily (actually probably a few times a day)!

  83. awesome site… its so nice to finally find a reliable Kpop news blog in english… and i got tired of POPSEOUL’s snarky news reporting… great job!

    i’m linking you btw on my website — http://technicolor-dreams.org/?page_id=57

  84. haha. just a little bit proud that the second link lead to my post at yg_bigbang

    I really like your updates
    thankyou for doing them
    unlike all those other websites who just add stuff here and there and bashing the artist.
    you’re awsome and YOU KNOW IT

  85. I like the new look of the layout. =) It’s really clean ^^

    Keep up the great work, krnloop ^^

  86. Hello krnloop! Nice new layout. It looks “fresh”.

    I have a question for you. What do you feel about the comments you receive on the articles you translate?

    For the most part, I feel that the commenters here are pretty civil. Sometimes though I see comments that aren’t exactly so. A few comments left on one of your recent articles were (in my opinion) just downright rude and disrespectful to the artist in question, not to mention unrelated to the article. Of course there is no fault on your part, since you are merely providing information.

    I’m not condemning freedom of speech or anything like that. And I know that since since this is the Internet we’re dealing with, people will say what they want as they can “hide” themselves under the shield of anonymity. But I just feel that there some comments made that are a bit “out of hand”. I mean, it’s okay if we don’t all agree on something, but we can at least be civil about it, you know?

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like your blog and all. I’m not going to stop reading it just because there are a few comments people leave that don’t swing my way.

    And this isn’t really such an issue here compared to other K-ent blogs, but I just wanted to know your thoughts on the matter. Have you had any comments bother you? Were you ever compelled to close comments, moderate comments, or delete them?

  87. Ayano, thanks for bringing that up.
    I’m fully aware of those comments and 3 of the most recent rude comments made me really think hard. It’s not like I didn’t bother to think about it before but I think things have to be addressed now Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about it. Since I don’t have a staff to talk about it with, I just talk within myself. But recently, I talked to a friend about a recent comment but I didn’t really follow her “advice” because I didn’t want to give the “person” the satisfaction of getting mentioned in this site.

    Currently, I’m on-off on the issue because I feel “afraid” addressing people about it because I’m thinking that they’ll give me the “freedom of speech” alibi. Somehow, when you bring up an issue like this, it ends up in that situation.

    I got hurt when commenters posted that TSZX is a “prostitute” and all those nasty things. There was even a commenter who impersonated a regular visitor and said things that just shows how people in the online world think that they’re somebody just because they can say those things.

    No, I haven’t moderated rude comments because I’m afraid. Sorry, I’m really a weakling when it comes to this. I know this is the Internet and most of the time, it’s easier to tell people off because nobody knows them but I still feel I’m talking to someone face to face.

    But I think it’s time to make an entry.
    It’s time.


  88. Hey krnloop,

    I fully appreciate the dilemma you’re facing because I can relate. But don’t feel afraid to have a stance, whatever it is! “Freedom of speech” prevails in our world/country/cyberspace at large but you can reasonably enforce guidelines in your space. Just be clear and make your guidelines known early. I’m lucky that the commenters on my site tend to be super-mature and I don’t have to moderate much, which is great because I don’t delete or censor comments (and don’t want to). I think commenters want to be heard and they feel insulted when their comments are deleted for being critical or not agreeing with the majority (unless they’re outright spam).

    But I wasn’t shy about letting it known that I preferred to keep the talk clean and productive and I think your latest post helps people know what you find acceptable. People will follow your lead, but don’t be afraid to step in when stuff gets out of hand. I only had one thread start to spiral into heated name-calling, and I closed comments on it. After that, no problems. 😉

    • hi yes unisand kind gaert in just firendly have simeing reaallly
      thanke you black firendly hannnped huh clkclk red nanlol7 boold wrooeding sime try bivev face llook have bset good drangon nice look you
      a kisss like yoour jod friend

  89. AH! Javabeans! I love it when you post here! You’re the beacon of reason!!! You’re so mature and I like to be surrounded with people like you.

    I don’t plan on deleting the rude comments and I’ll just let them be. I hope people start a “Respect Revolution.”

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!

    It always feels good to be on the right side of things! lol!

  90. i love ur bannerr… 😀 hehe.. super junior…

    ur doin a great job.. n theres seriously alot of stuff to read here… where’d u get the sources?…

    hmm… u mention u dun have any staff wit u.. meaning u working alone on this webby?? kinda hard eih…

    anyway… fighting!!! luv to read this blog..

  91. I go to Empas and that site has a syndication of music news of other Korean sites.

  92. Is that younha? finally a nice banner for a nice blog. i love reading articles on this blog…decent. I hope you will continue to post regularly even if you have a ‘new life’ 🙂 I love krnloop.wordpress.com

  93. XD Nice Se7en banner~~

  94. krnloop!

    I squealed when I saw the Se7en banner~! =DDD *waves Se7en banner* ❤

    Sometime I almost find your banner-changing just as exciting as the articles you translate. XD

  95. SE7EN Oppa..waaaaa..i like.. 🙂

  96. loop,

    need a favor..i know ur busy translating other articles as well as busy with skool and all.

    would it possible for you to translate this for me?
    its YG’s latest message..

    if u can, just email it to me at momo_love_siwon@hotmail.com

    thanks in advance and really sorry to bother you..

  97. momo, sorry!!!! I only read your post today.

    Do you still need it? I think there are already translations of this floating somewhere. I’ve actually read articles of the message but didn’t bother to write about them because I’m too busy.

  98. hey loop, yeah i saw that..but those are the translated parts for BB and Taeyang’s solo album..

    i was kind curious to know more about the other news on Yg Family…

    whenever u have the time…

    i tried to translate it but man it gives me headache.. my seonsaengnim was helping me at all..she said its good practice…LOls

  99. *wasnt..

  100. Hi, I’m new here. Really need this site for my updating news about my gasoos. Thank you for building this incredible site. FIGHTING…

  101. hey krnloop, keep up the good work, and love the new layout…

    nothing better than fresh, unbiased kpop news

    thanks for your hardwork 🙂

  102. Thanks, I feel bad though that I haven’t updated the site as often as before.

  103. I just want to say “Thank you” for all of your hard work for this site. My daughter is 14 and LOVES your site because she can stay updated on her favorite Korean singers (we live in the United States, in the state of Indiana) even though she only speaks English.

    Again, Thank you!

  104. Hello,

    I only recently got into kpop and it was nice to find such a great site as yours as the others I’ve read seemed to be rude towards certain artists… So I’m extremely grateful for providing us with a correct kpop news site! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  105. WOW! Dell, thanks for dropping a comment! WOW, I’m really happy to have read your comment!

    Andra, thanks for the post!

  106. Hi! Your blog’s so nice ^^ Keep it up 🙂

  107. hi krnloop.. love reading ur blog.. ^^ keep it up^^

  108. I love reading krnloop and I’m re-posting what I said in an earlier post since I’m very concerned to what has developed…


    hi, i am a ’silent reader’ of your blog and i noticed when searching krnloop on google that someone got the domain name for krnloop.com and krnloop.net — i noticed that the domain name server is listed as:


    i did some research on godaddy and i noticed allkpop.com also is registered on the SAME name server.

    as a concerned reader, if you’ve registered your name then i’m happy and please discount this post. but if not, i hope the one who registered and ’stole’ your name gives it back to you since you built up your name all these months and i hope this doesn’t discourage you. KRNLOOP FIGHTING!!!


    The reason why I’m posting this is that I am offended and angered by what these ‘crooks’ have done by stealing krnloop’s name and its obvious they’re trying to take advantage of krnloop’s hardwork.

    Please spread the word and do not support those affiliated with these crooks!


  109. Thank you so much for creating this blog. I think it’s one of the few that has nice info written in a nice and positive language on the contrary to other blogs I’ve read. I hope you keep us updated with the last info of K-Pop. 😉

  110. Krnloop seems to be pretty nowadays… missed your posts 🙂

  111. oh i mean pretty busy

  112. hey =D love the website~ finally one place that focuses on all the korean artists instead of just one so i don’t have to go all over the place ^^ muhahaha, thx =D

    • that good bertter lug lliev kelowab gaert bertter you have sime bset try nice gaerrt just ok face huh hard gone viecs

    • hey live man nice gaert yes firend kind bivev beriver huh firendly him just
      red boook dragon pulop green top fine have simeing like you
      huh kin

      • This could not poibssly have been more helpful!

    • hi thanke you like unisand ehkolol he bset gaert huh hey nioec live kewloan
      hannpped really have sad firendly huh just goood jod ok huh firendly kowe
      hard kind huh yes bc him book

  113. Hey krnloop! You’ve been pretty absent from your site. Are you really writing for allkpop now? I thought you wanted to write unbiased articles.

  114. ^ I think you’re mistaken. Krnloop is NOT writing for AllKpop -_- (If anything, AKP is afraid of competition)

  115. –> Sarah: I think you didn’t get my message. It seems like AKP ‘stole’ the krnloop .com and .net domain names primarily because they are afraid of competition. Even sadder is that AKP and their likes just get, copy and paste their news from other blogs. But what got my blood boiling is they’re even playing dirty by stealing the domains of good bloggers. True Kpop fans SHOULD AVOID AKP at all cost since they are only thieves and copycats.

  116. wow…really! I hope krnloop comes back and tells us the truth. I’d like the issue cleared up so that I’m not misjudging. Thanks avidreader.

  117. oh no poor krnloop. that is why he has not been posting nowadays… but he still owns krnloop.wordpress.com right? i miss his posts =(

    ALLKPOP seems to be dirty inside and out.

  118. Krnloop is probably too busy, so it’s reasonable that he cannot post anything lately.

    However, it’s sad such filthy gossip sites have time to update :\ Not only AllKpop. Shenyuepop and Popseoul too.

    T_T Krnloop I hope you are doing well and I also hope people will follow your lead if they are ever going to make a entertainment news site.

  119. my love ly ss 501 from iran

  120. Loop,

    i miss you!!!!! Come back to us!!!!!

  121. Krnloop, we miss you. Hope you’re well ^^

  122. hey, we miss you! hope to see the blog updated soon. 🙂

  123. i love ur blog!

  124. Krnloop, please come back!

    • man back

  125. I’m sad! I just recently started getting into K-Pop and then I find this awesome site to find it’s no longer being populated. I hope it starts back up again!

    Also, who is the group on the top of the webpage? Very hot!!!

  126. ^ They’re called SS501.

  127. hi, i am new to Kpop, but i love it!
    i was just wondering what is the name of the group that you have on the website as the page header/banner?

  128. haha nvm i see that someone already asked that.

  129. 0oola
    ps aki solo djando 1 komen
    bno bye
    y el grupo
    s supr kool
    bno bye
    el mjor

  130. tanks

  131. hi… Lora Monica… uhm just asking… is here where you will post the drawing… just asking…. well you can post it here… but don’t forget to credit me… hope you understand… by the way… I like your blog.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

  132. bayılıyorum

  133. T_T I miss you Krnloop! I’m quite sad the very small handful GOOD unbiased blogs are disappearing. It’s really unfair that the vulgar blogs are getting more attention and support.

    Where ever you are, please take care. It’d be nice if you could leave a message what you’re up to (whether or not you will continue this site), but if you have too many things going on, we understand.

    Thank you for all of your translations. Your site was really refreshing from the Kpop media scene.

    I should start learning Korean now then.. haha.

  134. seni çoooooooook seviyorum se7en harikassssınnn çook tatlısınn

  135. you love all i need max changmin

  136. nice picture on the top!!(:

    • hi him just firendly ok nice nana2na

  137. kiTchana??

  138. Woo….that must have been very scary… Ok then lots of love bye bao

  139. hi…i am from iran .your website is verry nice.ss501 groups are my love.
    nice picture on the top.tanks

  140. I live in Thailand,
    also I love Korean music
    and now I wondering to know about “Vincis Bench” brand…
    Could you give me some information to my e-mail pls!
    Thank you so much

  141. I see you kim

  142. hey I’m safa laifi from tunisia I love soooooo mush the korean pop music like TVXQ,SS501,ft island,monday kiz,girls generation and more…..
    so i love all the korean specially south korea bey saranghey!!!!

    • hi you like nice nusand gaert berttter fine game neqr

    I like dancing

  144. hi how are you?I live in china.

    • Hi ! I want be your freind ! ok

  145. sarangee

  146. i love u

  147. you are my fan!!!! i so love u when i see u on tv

  148. น่ารักจัง

  149. oi?magaganda lumabas na kayo

  150. aw

  151. I love Km Hyun Joong!! He’s too sexy ahahha and thank you so much for all the translations. i really appreciate it. Thx again muawhh

  152. holoas como

    • Hi ! I wanna be your friend! Ok? Wait for you…

      • hi how are u

  153. KIM HYUN JUNG !!!!!!!! I LOVE U A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. anyeong..maybe u all can update new photos for fan…please.. i hope u will think of it,,,

    :* 🙂

  155. hi am the greatest fan of this………i love u………

  156. soooooooooo great thnks to ur pho

  157. …:))) everyone loves you, but I love you more than anyone else … only in my dreams I dream about you and one day I proposed marriage to come to Korea, I’ll wait for that day … Will you marry me Oppa?

  158. I will always love you oppa…

  159. hi, i love so much. when you visit perú!!!

    • i love so much… in special kim hyun joong

  160. hiiiiiii your the best

  161. Hi.i like you your nice im Anneshirley
    Anne-shirley 0098360635563

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