Posted by: krnloop | June 18, 2008

BIG BANG’s new album includes song made by T.O.P.

BIG BANG’s new Korean album, which will be released in August, includes a song written and composed by T.O.P.

According to a YG Entertainment official, despite BIG BANG’s busy overseas and local performances, T.O.P. has still managed to work on writing lyrics and composing.

“We heard the song T.O.P. did and it’s really great and we’re all impressed. This new album is going to be something that has more of BIG BANG’s own style as not only G-dragon’s song will be included in it but also T.O.P.’s,” BIG BANG member Seungri revealed.

Source: Hankooki



  1. thats cool. i needed to know. do you know what day is it that the album is going to be realese?

  2. they first said aug 1st, then posponed it to aug. 08.

  3. i love him so much…mmmuaaaahhhhh

  4. great album over all , but which song was it that he wrote??

  5. yeah i love that song “A good man” – track 4 – i think so. So impressed by his style.

  6. nice nice nice
    we love big bang in saudi arabia {ksa}

  7. T.O.P!!! *screaming!
    lol, i love love him. such a talented singer + HOT

  8. not forgetting much love from Singapore! 😀

  9. i love top so much..

  10. I sorry I have to say I hate BIGBANG >_<

  11. i love you T.O.P and G DRAGON we love MONGOLIA

  12. ilove you t.o.p and taeyoung so much im your big fan saranghaeyo

  13. send my ameseg in this iemal haf

  14. thats cool,i love you Gdragon,we love iran

  15. sore i geng my eimel you can send my ameseg i rael wont to know ine kown from korea

  16. ugaasaaa top yaj g dragoniig guitshev deee

  17. Gdragon

  18. Super junior F.T island se7en Bigbang???

  19. 99290022 phone num,ber

  20. LOVE for G-dragon

  21. i love you top. kisssssss

  22. T.O.P is the best .I really like him A LOT :3


  24. i hate you

    • then, leave =.=’

  25. i’m from vietnam
    i love Gdragon

  26. what’s the BigBang new Album name?

  27. I LOVE TOP!
    but..Tae Yang is the greatest! ~swoon~

  28. wow this is really cool! maybe they should give tae yang a bigger part lol 😛

  29. wow!yup i love that group!thay’re so coOoOoOl!i love that music!:*


  31. omg…..
    that song just make me scream!!
    love u guys so damn much..

  32. wow i’m lokking forward for it to come out!!! 🙂

  33. T.O.P yj manai GDragoniig guitshev gdragon ch huurhun shuu bi dragond love

  34. I LOVE T.O.P..
    I just wish I can see Ate Joan and tell her I threw away Jung YunHo for Choi SeungHyun/TOP…^^

  35. i love top he the most hot guy ever can you wait for me when i am 21 because i 20. love you top

  36. Nb

  37. Okay, i loooove a good man, but now that I know T.O.P has written the lyrics . . I love it even more XDDDD

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