Posted by: krnloop | June 20, 2008

Wheesung’s Japan concert to be aired via KNTV

Wheesung’s “2008 WheeSung Japan 1st Concert in OSAKA” at the Matsushita IMP Hall last June 15 will be broadcast for 80 minutes via KNTV.

“Normally, a Korean singer’s concert is broadcast in Japan for 10-15 minutes. Wheesung’s case is unusual because it’ll run for 80 minutes and it’s even his first solo concert. This just shows that Japanese broadcasting officials recognize Wheesung’s abilites,” an Orange Shock official said.

Wheesung was also thankful for his successful Japan concert, which was a sold-out one.

He commented, “I expected that most of the attendees will be Koreans residing in Japan but I was surprised because there were a lot of Japanese fans. Thank you very much for going to the concert. Next time, I’d like to invite more people in a better concert and event.”

Source: Starnews


  1. krnloop SUCKS! gosh…u guyz are so NOT updated…all the news posted has already been posted somewhere else like AGES ago…y dont u just shut down this stupid damn blog?

  2. hey hater! you are such a loser… AGES? this news has just been posted over at star news and newsen. Did you ever know that wheesung had concert last June 15 in OSAKA Japan. Maybe the pic is old but this story is definitely new. SHUT UP if you don’t have anything good to say.

    and if you think this blog is stupid then i don’t know how i should call you…because you are far worst than stupid.

    krnloop keep it up. this has been my source of korean entertainment news.

  3. It’s amazing

  4. Id so see him if he came to Australia :).

  5. errmmm,hater?
    GET LOST. if you don’t like this blog, why bother visiting it + commenting it. such a dumbass.

    xoxo get lost!

  6. I would like to see him live!!!

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