Posted by: krnloop | June 13, 2008

Girls’ Generation: “thanks” and “sorry”

After the hot issue of various fan clubs boycotting Girls’ Generation during the 2008 Dream Concert, which was held last June 7, the 9-member girl group posted yesterday, June 12, a message of gratitude and apology in its official homepage.

The entry was entitled “To everyone who loves Girls’ Generation~.”

To start the message, Girl’s Generation expressed how thankful it is for the love and encouragement it has been receiving for the past 10 months since its debut.

“For a long time we dreamed of debuting.. We had our first performance and fan meeting.. the moment we placed first in a music program.. From promoting ‘Girls’ Generation’ to ‘Kissing You,’ we received so much love. These happy memories are your gift to us. Thanks to everyone.. ^^”

Girls’ Generation then continued with, “The past 10 months had valuable memories but looking back, there were moments of regret. Those moments made us a bit more mature and realize things. We sincerely apologize for the hurt we’ve caused people for the inappropriate words and actions we did.”

To cap the letter, Girls’ Generation told its fans that it is preparing something new and that they wait for it.

Source: Chosun



  1. better late than never. their future actions will be more heavily scrutinised than ever though. wishing all the best to you 9, some of you very much deserve it for your hard work and effort.

  2. glad they said something
    I hope they do try and be better… esp to fans cuz when i saw them they were much less than friendly

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  4. aw that so sweet of the girls ^^ ❤

  5. They didn’t have to be sorry.

    Fans don’t have to decide something about artist’s behaviour. To makes excuses is to surrender to pressure, or blackmail from a teenagers band who don’t know aything about the artists’ world.

    I think it’s really a pity, and for me SNSD have to assume their liberated style, maybe a bit feminist and don’t have to go back to stupid-asian-women condition who just have to look pretty and to shut up.

    Fans will think that they got power on other’s life & career, mostly if they hate them (hate because SNSD are “too close” of their dear idoles whereas fans would maybe never be noticed by the boys they like).

    I thought it was less hard to be a woman in Asia theses years, but they’re is still a lot of work to do .

  6. I think it’s great that they apologise since there are so many people who think they’ve done many bad things and feel offended…

    Sadly though, not everyone will accept this. But I think if they’ll keep doing their best maybe people will forgive!

  7. no offence aivii but you actually don’t have a clue why the fans boycotted at dream concert….

    try asking someone who was there its not just because of snsd’s behaviour, it runs a lot deeper than that~

  8. It’s amazing how much attention is placed on these pop bands when there are actually very talented artistes in the industry seriously trying to making good music.

    Hrm. Well, that’s entertainment!

  9. It took them a while to get round to apologizing.

    Hope to see better behavior from both SNSD and SNSD fans in the future.

    Aivii: If you don’t know why everyone else participated in the boycott, find out. Don’t just assume please.

  10. Kat & cheonsa => I’ve heard about the “reals” reason of the boycott from some cassio& ELF but I can’t think that’s REAL valuables arguments, sorry.

    Maybe in Korea it’s ok to boycott some artists for reasons like that but in Europa it’s not enough to criticize : we don’t care about the attitude of the artist if the music please us. (of course, if the attitude isn’t racist/homophobic etc..)

    And in this story, I think they shouldn’t have to make excuses more than everyone in the audience.

    I don’t think fans have to decide what is good or not, it’s not their job. Give them power is to condemn artists to their wishes. I’m sad that LSM gave up for that.
    And it’s just the beginning of a long & sad war, where fandom will take all the power and make pressure on everything. Pretty scary.

  11. Ummmm……. I’m confused…..what did they do wrong exactly?

  12. Aivii: I think that’s the whole point. This happened in Korea, not in Europe. Put it down to different cultural values then. What they did might be nothing in say, another country, but in Korea, it’s a very big thing.

    I also think the word boycott is too strong here, since there wasn’t actually a boycott, just a silence.

    Everyone else has to apologise for everything they do that the public disapproves of, so it’s only natural that they do the same.

    Of course it’s not up to fans to decide what’s good or not, but they are the ones who are supporting the artists. They should rightly be able to have an opinion.

    Jennifer: Some SNSD members were rude to and/or badmouthed their seniors/people who are older than them. And their fans have been just about as rude to other fans as well.

  13. Aivii, it’s called ethnocentrism. Different countries have different cultures. Korea is a Confucian society where respect for elders is deeply ingrained in their psyche. They’re proud of these ideals because it’s part of their identity as a people. That’s why they took personal offense to what they deem to be a blatant and repeated disregard of these ideals.

    The apology was inevitable. SM will always seek to protect the entity’s interest first before their own artist. This method of damage control is not only due to the pressure coming from the public but from partners like advertisers with live contracts. They avoid endorsers with controversies and it’s often stipulated as a legal leverage.

  14. Who cares about the different cultures… does everyone really think the fcs did this b/c snsd was “disrespectful” to elders?? i think its more a diversion from their ultimate motives. this will never end apology or not. the antis will always be antis no matter if the “disrespect” elders or not. this is a matter of pure jealousy. u name it, being too close to dbsk and suju, or “milking” off of dbsk or sujus popularity. this is not about culture and disrespect. u really think these young independent teen fangirls care about elder respect?? im sure most are younger than snsd… which would mean they are their elders… ironic…

  15. Nicely put, Ching~

    nikeg: I’ve always wondered why people assume that only fangirls are irrational when it comes to boys, when fanboys can get really irrational when it comes to girls as well.
    Do SNSD deserve the respect of “these young independent teen fangirls”?
    Respect needs to be earned. Maybe now SNSD will show fans that they are worth respecting.

  16. I think just by personally speaking out and giving out an apology is already worth respecting, I don’t see a lot of other idol groups giving out an official apology for doing something that’s deemed “disrespectful” (I love the SJ boys but I did not see them give out an official statement about the past suicide case)

    And I do feel it should be treated as a boycott since they already planned it in advance and their intentions are nowhere near benefiting the girls.

    They did not badmouth their seniors, that is not a proper term to describe it. I do admit that as idols, they should watch what they say more often but these matters were really blown out of proportion. Because of antifans or maybe even because they’re a huge idol GIRL group maybe, we’ll never really know.

    Fangirls, fanboys, whatever. Whatever they apparently did to each other was uncalled for, and to involve the girls just because they feel they have a right to is just nonsense. And if you say it’s Korea’s “culture”, then they definitely have to do something to fix it before these fans get out of control.

  17. i dont even know what happened for them to have to apologise, does anyone care to enlighten me? im not a big fan of SNSD to know, but ive heard so much about it, that and the fact that it has something to do with DBSK?

  18. i still hate them
    sorry to snsd fans but
    i just dont like them

  19. ELF told us that it was mainly to do with the fans… and we know people who saw snsd fans with knives and heard the things they said we were there when they tore the banners

    as someone who has seen snsd’s fanbase grow over the last year i’ve been scared of them since at least october…. yes fangirls can become hurtful with words but snsd fans are much much worse…

    and its not something to do with the fact that they’re a girl group since wondergirls and jewelry always get an amazing welcome. snsd were accepted by ELF and their fans through that in our faces.

    aside from that for the whole stadium to be silent not just ELF or Cassiopeia, but Triple S and Wonderfuls and every other fan club there… there was a small group of shinhwa fans etc…. can’t you see then that its more than just disrespect that caused this….

  20. Thanks cheonsa for pointing that out (your whole post is amazing) Definitely, the WHOLE stadium was quiet, people are only pin pointing out Cassie, ELF, TS because they are the bigger, known group.

    For those saying that Korea needs to change their ways? No. Its the few fans, Korea’s culture of respecting your elders is extremely important. (Not like America, who kids nowadays don’t give a crap.) You have to bow and greet and all that good stuff.

    I don’t like seeing all this happen at all. Fans also don’t realize that their idol groups are all friends (same company too man) they grew up together. Would you want your idols in a position of choosing a side? Its too tough for them.

    But then again, SNSD are rude girls (in my opinion, they really changed since their training days) they are the type that doesn’t think before they speak.

    A lot of SNSD fans seem to be in denial, there is proof of them ripping the banners (videos on youtube), girls being sent to the hospital and etc.

    To Aivii: Fans do decide whether its good or not. Without fans these artists would not exist. Fans can break you or make you!

    P.S. nicely said Ching. I think this is something all fans can learn from.

    Good luck to all the idol groups and their fans. Peace and love everyone.

  21. hi, quick question..sorry that it’s a bit off topic but your banner for the layout right now is a pic of Jang Nara, could you tell me where you found it? It’s so pretty ^^ Thanks!!

  22. hmm what specific things have SNSD girls said abt the sunbaes?? or is it things like being rude and not greeting them? on shows? or in real life??
    is it like, they’re so famous now they can act with disrepect? i kno when tvxq were huge in korea with 3rd album, on xman and stuf, there was controversy that the “elders” had to watch how they were acting around tvxq becos of their huge fan base and so they were scared of being attacks by netizens!! heaps of ppl said it was almost as if the sunbae and hubae roles were reversed…
    is this what happened with SNSD?
    i thought it was simple jealousy.. guess not…

  23. am lost in space? what had happened at DC? i just got back from Bangkok, for Big Bang’s Global Warning Tour…so a bit lost

  24. It’s a mixture of everything. I’m not a SNSD fan because they’re music isn’t for me. The way I see it is that the disrespectful part is a part of the big deal but a lot of it has to do with the fans. A lot of the reasons why the fanclubs do what they do seems to be because of how other fanclubs act towards them. They do a lot of stupid things because of jealousy for this case I see it as a kind of attack on the fans. I mean, if the SNSD fans there were being as idiotic as they were; cutting up banners and all that, what the hell do they think they’re going to get from the other fanclubs? Respect? Kindness? Whatever, they’re going to get treated the same way. So even though SNSD should be more wary of how they act and what they say in public (from what I’ve read from comments here and all), the fans themselves need to grow up as well. Fanboys or fangirls, whatever they’re all fans and their attitudes are completely wrong.

  25. About the SNSD fanboys… now eveyone is pointing the blame more on the snsd fans and not snsd as it seems. Maybe they did do bad stuff, but this has all come from defending snsd for months of bashing snsd by antis. Everyone must understand that fanboys are a relatively new phenomenon b/c of snsd meaning these anti bashings probably hit just as hard as to the fans as they do to snsd mostly b/c they dont know how to deal with it. Plus Korea is a violent loving country. Just look at the movie industry which is filled with violence and gang related plots.

    The bottom line is now antis can use snsd fans against them. still the overall goal is to bring down snsd. its very troubling to see so much hate. maybe fangirls should be drafted into the army? they woud make good soldiers for the right cause lol. (protecting Korea… home of DBSK lol)

  26. Psh, like they even wrote this… fake fake fake!
    And what the heck is “To everyone who loves Girls’ Generation”?! What about those who hate them? Didn’t they write this because of the dream concert protest? Psh… this is like pouring oil over fire. Oh well, good luck to them, hope they last for a few years or so, no wait… I take that back. Let’s see what SM’s new girl band got to show the world.

  27. i think they should just disband just because they are stars doesnt mean that they are the top of the worlds and the apology is hella late they dnt even have respect and saying sorry wnt help thos fans who protected thier stars on the dream concert day

  28. Who are they apologizing to, the people who hate them? I don’t really think that’s necessary.

    Their fans should be the ones apologizing for what happened at the Dream concert, not them. Their next album should be delayed for like, a year or something, just to punish the fans for what they did.

    Even it didn’t happen, fact is, SNSD is still an untalented bunch of women who believe they’re all still in high school ~lol~. Their singing abilities are above average, sure, but not so much that the lead singer of your school chorus can’t outsing them. The choreography for their songs are incredibly simple, so even if they have dancing skills, nobody’s seeing them.

    They got to where they are by riding the coattails of artists/groups that had made it big before them. :/ They really can’t do anything spectacular, but they’ve been marketed really well. Despite the fact that I don’t really like them, I have to admit some of them are still pretty, hahah.

  29. serve them right! bt for me their “apologies” was not sincere at all. they kinda annoying. NO OFFENCE for snsd fans. i like yoona though. lol ;P

  30. at least they apologize. better than nothing right?

    we outsider will never know what really happen in the music industry. i’m sure they already feel very regret for letting these thing happen.

    to think that how hard they trained to get debut & perform on the stage, sometimes i don’t think they deserved to get boycott by various fanclubs.

    just imagine if you were at their position, won’t you feel hurt? plus they have to stay happy & cheerful infront of the media & their fans.

  31. hope that’s from their heart…
    better late than never!

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