Posted by: krnloop | May 28, 2008

TVXQ members’ messages to their future wives

Last May 26, in the SBS talk show “The Star Show,” TVXQ members were asked to give messages to their future wives. The following were what Hero, Max, U-know, Xiah and Micky had to say to the women they will be marrying in the future.

“I’ll sing for you anytime if you ask me to,” Xiah said.

“I’ll be a competent man when I meet you. We’ll live a very long good life together,” was what Micky said.

“When we get married, I won’t stay out late. Out of the three meals in a day, I’ll be sure to make one. I’ll be a husband who won’t get a beer belly. Please just bear me a beautiful baby,” Hero expressed.

“Wait for me and prepare a delicious meal,” Max, the youngest in the group, said.

“I’ll love you for the time you waited for me and for the rest of time. Let’s go to our child’s sports day,” U-know enthusiastically said.

On the other hand, when asked what are the group’s future activities, TVXQ revealed that in Japan, it will be participating in the A-nation concert this Summer and in Korea, it will be releasing a new album this Fall and asked for the fans’ support.

Source: Newsen


  1. everybody say awwwwwwwwwww

    *heart shaped eyes popping*

  2. Why am I not surprised that Changmin want a wife that can provide him food XD

    Oh you silly baby~

  3. I like what JaeJoong said,,,, my~ anyone is willing to bear your child JaeJoong…

    • not me ..jaejong.. haha love u micky and junsu

  4. Changmin’s response made me laugh so much. It’s always about food with that boy ^^

    Ah, I really liked Jaejoong’s reply. He has such a way of saying things were he always says too much, but yet you can really feel his sincerity.

  5. aww i JUST watched this! hero was SO CUTE…! well, all of ’em were, but hero’s message was my FAVE. hAHAHAH

  6. even my heart is broken, cuz that rumor (or the truth)…but junsu oppa…i like you best!!

  7. When we get married – Oh…yeah
    I won’t stay out late – That’s good
    Out of the three meals in a day, I’ll be sure to make one – You can stop right there ♥_♥ but please continue if you’d like
    I’ll be a husband who won’t get a beer belly – Thank God!
    Please just bear me a beautiful baby – *squeal* I’ll do my best. *blush*

  8. haha Choikang mention food of course!

  9. omg….
    dey’re adorable…
    why changmin owez hv food in his mind?
    doesn’t he hv any bedroom games to think about with his wife??

  10. i hate that rumor bout junsu and taeyon…
    just makes my blood boil much faster..
    i think i like dbsk too much…
    it’s time for man hunting..!
    yeah, i better start on that…

  11. They are so adorable!! These men are like, oh I don’t think I can explain it. They’re so prefect! JaeJoong’s message was soo darn cute! And so was Uknow’s. Awh- they make me feel happy and warm inside =]

  12. AHH yunho is way too cute. love that last screencap :] “let’s go to our child’s sports day!”



  15. waaaahhh…i think jj is the sweetest..max still a baby haha cute…

    but i love micky the most..=P

  16. OMGSH.. kawaii^^
    i couldn’t stop squealing when i was reading this, how adorable are they

  17. i love xiah oppa 😀

  18. oMo!!!
    u’RE SO CUTE!!
    i kNow u’LL be the great fatHer & huSbaNd 4eVa!!!

  19. watashi ga park yoo chun go aishiteimasu.MICKY are you believe that?i say really.I LOVE YOU MORE THAN are so cute.boy, let me prove that my love is really i will give all my love to you.PLEASE trust me.

  20. I love you.MICKY are you believe that?i say really.I LOVE YOU MORE THAN are so cute.boy, let me prove that my love is really i will give all my love to you.PLEASE trust me.

  21. i love u jae joong u are so handsome i won to meet u in my dream

  22. i like tvxq

  23. can tim nguoi iu

  24. i will wait for u Changmin oppa..and i will prepare good food for you…go ahead to your work…i will be home preparing meals….. wahahahahahahah~

    TVXQ mansei!!!!

  25. can i have junsu???
    oh my…i’ve lost my heart and he s the one who stole it… gosh! junsu sarang heyo!

    minnie and food are just inseparateable

    i love thier just sooo sweet! auwww!
    hopefully they will have a good life ahead…

    i wish the the msg is for me…yay!

  26. junsu…sing for me everyday….huaaa….plz…
    such an obsess girl of me…heh!

  27. Wow!!
    The fans here are really in love with TVXQ..
    TVXQ sure is lucky..

  28. i just lve their rsponse about their future wives…hahahaha….

  29. i love jaejoong’s message love ya jj ^.^

  30. they are so cute i love jj message bear me beauiful baby i will my jaejoong^^

  31. Hero you are really somethin’…….
    I like you!!!!!

    all of them r too Qte !
    especially for xiah..
    i luv xiah so much..
    i won’t break xiah’s heart..
    i’ll always waiting for tvxq’s concert in medan..
    TVXQ,please cooooooooomeeeee
    all of my frens here will always waiting for tvxq..
    GOOD LUCK for all of you..
    even i cant be xiah’s wife..i will always support you..and wish ur happiness..
    it’s not only for xiah..for all tvxq’s member..


  33. Wow!! So SweeeTt……….

    I’m Junsu fans…
    “I’ll sing for you anytime if you ask me to”
    Didn’t it the rumors about xiah and taeyeon???

    I will suport Xiah and Taeyeon..
    Cute COUPLE!!!

    HAHAHA…… ♥

  34. OH yEAH..Luv U So Muach My Oppa U Know…=))

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