Posted by: krnloop | May 26, 2008

Shinee gave lollipops to fans

Yesterday, May 25, about 800 fans, ranging from teenagers to females in their thirties, were present to support Shinee’s debut performance in SBS “Inkigayo,” where SM Entertainment’s new group performed its mini album’s title song called “Noona is So Pretty (Replay).”

After the said performance, Shinee held a fan meeting in a park to show its appreciation for the fans’ support. Shinee members passed, one by one, lollipops to about 800 fans and expressed their gratitude to each one of them.

Source: Joynews24



  1. now that is cute :]]

  2. aw thats so cute ^_^ the fans must be delighted 😀
    ONEW’s smile is so adorable *_* doesnt seem like he’s the eldest *lol*

  3. where did they get those lollipops? from SNSD? lol

  4. that’s too cute. ;___;

  5. OMG i whan lollipop from them

  6. aww all their smiles are soo cute *faints* x_X

  7. omg i wish i was there!

  8. ohh~
    wanna iyt~
    jong hyun oppa give me one!!

  9. […] (Source& picture: krnloop) […]

  10. disgusting

  11. cute

  12. ahh, that is to cute! ^^

  13. shinee DIE!!!

  14. cute! theyre so sweet!

  15. you should die instead of SHINee I Hate Shinee-SHIROYO!

  16. youre disgusting! miun! go to hell if you wish!

  17. hi!

  18. i love SHINee’s song repla! LOL!

  19. They all have the exact same hair!

  20. ahhhhhhh SHINEE!
    i want oneeee
    shinee fighting!

  21. hey.. SHIROYO ??
    i will pray that u Will die first!

  22. and also MIUN u r sooooo sooo disgusting….

  23. wiiWw…SHINee
    give me The lollipOps^.^

  24. wee..the men that wears cap he is so cute:)

  25. HOW KIND?

  26. hate SHINee

  27. this beautiful taemin and key

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