Posted by: krnloop | May 25, 2008

Gummy temporarily takes a rest

Gummy is temporarily stopping activities because of Laryngitis that was due to non-stop promotions since the release of her 4th album in March.

According to YG Entertainment, Gummy’s busy schedule has caused a lot of strain on her larynx and physical well-being, which in turn have also taken their toll on her performances. It may be remembered that when Gummy released her 1st album, she also had a problem with her vocal cord.

As soon as Gummy regains her health, she will be back again to do activities.

Source: Osen



  1. Much love to her! I hope all goes well and she gets better~ 😀

  2. hope she gets well soon

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  4. Oh, I love her voice; it’s so unique and gorgeous!

    Hope she feels well soon. Laryngitis is the LAST thing you want to be suffering from as a professional singer. <33333

  5. i love Gummy, and i hope she gets better.
    it sucks how she has to deal with that when she’s a singer =[

  6. get well soon gummy!

  7. poor gummy. Get well soon. n___n

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