Posted by: krnloop | May 25, 2008

2008 Dream Concert

The Korean Entertainment Producers Association and broadcasting station SBS join hands for a music festival called “I Love Korea! 2008 Dream Concert,” which will be held on June 7 at 7 pm at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

The said music festival will be attended by no less than the top singers in the Korean music scene like TVXQ, SS501, Epik High, Super Junior, MC Mong, Jewelry, Maya, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, Buga Kingz, Baechigi, Typhoon, Shinee, Mighty Mouth, Peter and special guest Japanese-born Korean judo player Yoshihiro Akiyama.

The “Dream Concert,” which is now on its 14th year, aims to not only be a music festival but also to become a campaign to promote patriotism and to stop illegal use of music and other contents.

For ticket inquiries, visit the homepages of Gmarket and PandoraTV.

Source: Yonhap



  1. wow, they spelled Epik High wrong…

  2. yeah, who made that image? epic, kings, the double comma, and shine??? >_<

  3. omg, poster typos much o.o haha. But ahh, I wish I could go to the Dream Concert this year. I went last year and it was so much fun ^^

  4. BaeChiGi didn’t they mean Bae Seul Gi? yey for DBSK, SNSD and SHINee :D:D will this air on TV?

  5. I believe last year’s Dream Concert was aired via SBS.

  6. Mighty Mouse? LoL xD

    That aside, wow a lot of big artists are attending O.O

  7. this will be the first concert Shinee will be in…
    How sad, Big Bang won’t be there…

  8. ^
    Yeah I would’ve loved for Big Bang to be there ;o; Looks like I won’t be going, then ._.;

  9. I cant wat till the dream concert. All the 13 members of SuJu are going to perform. 2 weeks left.

  10. eheh! they put shine instead of shinee….

    i cant wait to watch it!

    anticipating sj’s performance together..^^

  11. […] Source: krnloop […]

  12. […] Source: krnloop […]

  13. peter?
    peter hyun?
    wow, I really want to watch this. I wish I had Korean TV channel. 😡

  14. hi!
    do u know what time it will be aired live?
    on the site it says 12 am but the concert doesnt start until 7pm so im kind of confused so i u know, can i please explain it to me…i really want to watch it ! thanks ^^

  15. Gran noticia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Espero con ancias este concierto!!!


  16. […] the other hand, Girls’ Generation is to participate in this year’s “Dream Concert,” which will be held on the […]

  17. How can I watch the Dream Concert..
    If i won’t be able to go??/.\
    Will bigbang go?

  18. how do i watch it via Pandora TV T___T i dont have korean channell except for arirang T__T HELP ME PLEASE T__T

  19. supernova not there…..:(

  20. yay jewlery i really a big fan of seo in young

  21. i love you girls generation!!!!!!!!!

  22. im jolie antonette villones im one of your biggest fans!!!

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