Posted by: krnloop | May 24, 2008

Rumor mill: Park Tae Hwan & Sunye

The rumor involving swimmer Park Tae Hwan and Wonder Girls member Sunye as a couple is now again in the news. Earlier this year, this rumor already became a hot issue and at that time, the two parties denied the rumor and emphasized that they are “only friends.”

But just recently, when Wonder Girls released its music video for its new song “So Hot,” which is from its 3rd single album, the rumor between Park Tae Hwan and Sunye arose again.

The rebirth of the rumor was based from Park Tae Hwan’s entry in his mini homepage. In it, he posted, “so hot~♪,” which also happens to be the title of Wonder Girls’ new song. Netizens found this strange because this was posted on May 18, days before the title of Wonder Girls’ song was released.

Now, Netizens are thinking that the two are really a couple and that Park Tae Hwan “knew” the title of Wonder Girls’ song because he has a “source,” which is Sunye.

Source: Sports Chosun


  1. hmm i don’t recognize this guy… =o

  2. netizen really don’t have anything better to do

  3. i dont really think they’re dating and if they are I hope them the best..i mean just because he has the “SO HOT” title on his minihomepage before the title of the song was released doesnt mean she said they’re freinds and friends are there to talk to and to hang out with.come on you cant expect a relationship because of one title.Im pretty sure that wondergirls at least told some of their other friends.Come on people they’re human beings just like us.They have friends.[im not trying to be mean because im please some people dont take this offensively.Im just trying to make a point]

  4. Park Tae Hwan~~~~~ so cute. haha. its ok for me if they’re dating. haha. Tae Hwan is still so cute. i cant believe he’s just 19 this year.

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