Posted by: krnloop | May 21, 2008

Rumor mill: Xiah & Taeyeon

The rumor mill is rolling for two members of two popular groups. The persons in question are TVXQ’s Xiah (22) and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (20), who are being rumored to be an item because of video captures of them holding hands after TVXQ and Girls’ Generation’s joint performance in the recently concluded “2008 Korean Music Festival” that was held in Los Angeles.

Netizens have different takes on the matter. One said that she felt betrayed and another was in disbelief that the two held hands in front of fans. A certain Netizen did not antagonize the situation and said, “It’s only natural for a young man and woman to like the opposite sex.”

Another Netizen explained that the gesture was just a form of encouragement between a senior and junior.

Source: Hankooki


  1. well i kinda think it’s like taeyeon trying to move backwards and junsu happened to be behind her and kinda used his hands to stop her from moving back that she might step onto him. and it just so happen his hand held her arm. and yea i’d think it may be an encouragement kinda ‘touch’ too.

  2. fans / netizens should support their artists and THE MUSIC and not go crazy and cry because of these pictures – seriously in my opinion we have no right to sneak into their privacy and what is going on in their lovelife – they can date, marry whoever they want and choose and fans should accept it. both aren’t going to be single forever. this time i’ve to say – i really hate hate hate the korean press / netizens and it is absolutly not understandable how you can make such a big deal because of them touching/hugging whatever.

  3. They should date
    Why can’t they
    I just dont understand
    They’re young they should all date hang out do fun stuff while their young
    I’m fully supporting about those two dating

  4. =0 they would make such a cute couple! they both have great personalities and TALENT

  5. oh god maybe they were simply highfived each other?

  6. I don’t see how these pictures show them ‘holding hands’, but if they are the real deal, then great for them. I love them both and they would make a really cute couple ^^ People shouldn’t get so worked up over this anyway D:

  7. hmm.. this story is all over any kpop’s blog… hmm..

  8. ^ it means that it is already on korean online news. it all started in soompi. what they thought was good but turns out to be bad. though, they make a good couple, but it’s not good for SNSD’s reputation. each one of them almost has rumors on them. SNSD is just newbie they should at least think on what they are doing. Especially, Taeyeon, she is the leader so she needs to be precocious on what she is doing.

    p.s. that picture is not the only basis of the rumor. check out if you want to see it.

  9. as EG said,
    why cant they date?
    their reason for not dating should be their too busy
    netizens shouldnt dislike them for liking each other

  10. ^ I agree. I dont get nor do I like how fans condem people for liking each other.
    If it makes them happy then it’s great for them. People should be free to date who they want to date whether they’re famous or not.
    If it’s not a rumor but true, then I’m happy for them =]

  11. He is sexual being just like every one else. They’re an adorable pair anyways. 🙂

  12. I HOPE it’s true. Junsu always has a fake smile on. He needs someone in his life to brighten the smile.

  13. i’m so glad that i can read nice comments instead of hateful comments 🙂 they’re cute together.

  14. Although Junsu is like my fav. in the world haha
    I think that he deserves to live happy, so if they go on with their life dating, then let them.
    Note to Fan Girls: Don’t hate her, if the end up together, just know that your junsu will be happy 🙂

  15. ah, even though i feel that he should be happy and everything everyone has already mentioned…

    i’m still feeling jealous.

    i know i have no chance with him but… i can’t help it, y’know?

  16. erm…not to be mean or anything but the pictures aren’t supposed to be leaked out…
    and not supposed to be repost anywhere else

  17. personally, yoosu (sorry anti-fans) do this all the time. touchy touchy touchy. how can anyone say taeyeon and junsu are together just because they touched hands? -.- maybe they’re just close friends? or maybe it was an accident?

    but yeah. even if they were together, it should be such a big deal. and fans shouldn’t need to be jealous, right?

  18. someone, those aren’t the incriminating pictures; there’s worse ones =X

  19. I find netizens lik really weird….I mean, do u expect him to not date and stay single for ever or something? They have their own life too and they deserve their own privacy aswell.
    Lets just be happy for them and see how this story turns out ^^

  20. they r so cute together…they make a best couple ever…

  21. I don’t think and hope they are not dating! But if they really are then… All the best to them.. *sigh* Junsu ahhhh!!!

  22. It only looks like they’re holding hands in the picture since a photo “freezes time.” In the YouTube video, it’s one second of physical contact between their hands.

  23. Ahhhhhh! L☺L Everyone should just focus on Junsu’s kamo butt. These pictures are only good for that purpose. ♥JunSu’s so smexy

  24. uh…ok……..

  25. Junsu is 21 and Taeyeon is 19 ~

  26. junsu confirmed that he wasnt dating taeyeon and that he was only giving her a hi-five because he knew her from trainee years and all the hard work she went through…..

  27. uhm no offense, but why would fans be angered? i mean, its not like stars are robots– theyre human too.

    jealous fans need to GET OVER THEMSELVES.
    its not like they even know junsu or taeyeon personally anyways.

  28. i dun really like taeyeon..(well i hate her..) but if she is the one for junsu then i…can only hope she’ll treat the boy nicely or else…huu…
    yeah cant help to not to jelous but arghh… junsu aaahh…

    and victoria how can you say junsu fake his smile?? he smiles brightly!

    yeah sexy butt indeed…focus,focus…heh!

  29. why are u like that, KimJunsu

    why are u like a jerk!!!

    I hate u

    u are no more my favourite!!!!!!

    STUPID JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. um, some fans are over reacting. like um, no offence to Coco, but youre over reacting? its not like he belonged to you in the first place? actually, none of us shld be thinking why did their hands touched. whether if its encouragement or whatever, it doesnt really matter. if they are dating, then be happy for them, you shouldn’t be crying or whatever. cos in the first place, they dont belong to you.

  31. hehe i personally love wonder girls and taeyeon but love snsd now too and this was a year ago but im still commenting hehe u haters just STFU didnt ur parents tell u if u dont hve anything nice to say dont say SHIT!! and i dont know junsu tht well but i sure know taeyeon enough and its their private lives so butt out and u crazy fan girls on dbsk come back to reality please if this is true u break them up u seriously think ur making happy? ur just being a selfish fan and im a true fan so no matter wht ill be their fans….thts for every fan tht loves their idol/ idol group

  32. i hate that picture…..i hate taeyeon i hate you………………………….forever

  33. They are a cute couple… i hope this rumour is true… i will support them FOREVER

  34. poor taeyon D:

  35. Lets just be happy with them. They are humans too. No one can stop anybody from falling in love. What anti-Taesu are doing isnt helping. Sigh.. Even if it is true or not, i will respect them for who they are

  36. no!!! way!! i dont like that “XIAH” for my taeyeon!!
    noway!! *FUCK*

  37. but i dont like XIAH… im not an anti by the way!
    im s ❤ NES

  38. So What Its Nature That To Touch A Person’s Hand As A Sine Of Congrats!!!This Pic Makes Me Sad!!!We Love You Taeyeon

  39. And I Think That They Have No Relationship!!!!Just Friends ^_^

  40. que liindo

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