Posted by: krnloop | May 20, 2008

Shinee, styled by designer Ha Sang Baek

As reported, SM Entertainment’s new group Shinee is to lead this generation’s dance, music and fashion.

So when it comes to the fashion department, SM has assigned fashion designer Ha Sang Baek to take charge. This is quite an exceptional case because it is rare for a fashion designer to do the styling of a singer, more so now that a famous designer is doing the styling of new singers.

It is planned that Shinee will be styled according to the latest trend called the “European Contemporary Look.” Clothes from Ha Sang Baek’s collection are also going to be used by Shinee.

On the other hand, Shinee’s Minho walked the catwalk as the main model for Ha Sang Baek’s fashion shows in last March’s “Seoul Collection F/W 08-09” and this May’s “2008/09 F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan.”

Shinee is having its debut performance on May 25 in SBS “Inkigayo.”

Source: Newsen



  1. Why do I get the vibe that sm is trying to copy big bang?

    • amigo


      • Hello everbody

  2. ^^Me, too. Although this one is the more feminine type. 🙂

  3. Haha I agree, Ami. ;p
    Although no one can beat Big Bang. Sorry, SM.

  4. They all remind me of GD and the rest of Big Bang, especially with those colorful skinny jeans…

    They just missed the sunglasses and the cap-over-hoodies…..

  5. ugh. At least big bang are individuals and put their own input into what they wear (although questionable at times). They didn’t need a “famous” fashion designer to tell them what to wear.

  6. i actually dont think they are copying big bang. BB is more vibrant and hip hop where as these guys are more like “preppy meets street”and they are going for the clean cut look. i like them. but i will always love big bang though.
    if we are talking about skinny jeans and dunks then istn that what everyone is wearing nowadays??? even omarion wore a bright red skinny in one of his mvs.. so

  7. they aren’t copying bigbang. it’s called “style.”

  8. they look so feminine or may they’re just young

  9. =.= i hate how everyone says they are copying big bang. i mean im a big bang fan as well but you can tell their style is completely different – their music is as well. if you look at the sneak peak, they’ve got a lot more singing involved than rapping and their look is more metro. and no offense, big bang copied their style from other artists as well so even IF sm was trying to copy big bang, theres nothing wrong with that considering its a popular style nowadays 😛
    i looking forward to them impressing me, but if they’re just a bunch of wannabess… meh. x]

  10. hmm… they’re.. colourful…. haha…. yeap.. they’re trying to promote another BB…
    but they dance well… but they’re tooo youngg… but aint wrong to love them rite.. haha

  11. what? are the Beatles back? :O

  12. i think sm is thinking more to beat A’ST1…seeing as how they just debuted…usually companies try to avoid competition…but since shinee is coming just right after A’ST1…it’s a possibility….

  13. wahh i love the jodhpurs!! they all look really good, and i love the preview..tomorrow couldn’t come quicker for me..except i have an exam ~_~ ahh this noona will love them!!!!

  14. lol i think they’re trying to beat Astar1 more than BB 😛 which they PROBABLY WILL ^_^

    and stop saying they’re copying big bang’s style, cause big bang copied OTHER ppl’s style anyway, they’re not hte only ones who know how ot wear hoodies and long scarves, idiots ><

    anyway, their music is different too, there’s no rapping or beatboxing, it’s more highschoolmusical-ish (:

    Shinee hwaiting! ❤

  15. their music is different. but wow 14 yrs old thats freshman in highschool. damn that is young

  16. Aiish…again? I really feel sorry for these boys! It just as so seems that they are trying to copy Big Bang and alot..i mean aLOT of people know too…though I hope Shinee good luck in the future! ^_^ Boybands are always like this though..starts out rough but then gains popularity 🙂

  17. they can’t beat bb, sorry boys.

  18. stop saying they’re trying to copy big bang! they’re not, and its MUCH different, and like eternalmerkamoon said, big bang copied OTHER people’s styles A LOT. Just because they dressed similarly to big bang a few times doesnt mean they’re copying them, i mean, if you guys dressed like big bang once, you guys wouldnt be copying them!

    also, they’re music is MUCHO different, it has more singing than rapping, not like big bang.

    i root for SHINee ❤
    good luck 😀
    hope you become popular one day, and then I could say, ” I liked them first. ” lol, yay for SHINee<3

  19. ithink there doing their own thang,but DaMn iwouldnt want tht designer to dress me. ireally Hate the outfit.:( its like he was dressing the girls. ijus want them to look as manly as their voices are..:D isoo love their vidio reply. they can sing,and dance. but this style doesnt suit them at all. maybe if they started off with you no with decent clothes tht matches up with their vocals. it would be awhole different story..:D but overall..:D ilove there song..:D cant wait to hear more from them..:D

  20. they’re awesome…

  21. they are not copy bigbang.

  22. Give them a rest will ya they’re not copying big bang anyways even if they wanted to they don’t have the talent that big bang has. They also have lots of talent tooo . LUV THEM SO MUCH.

  23. I just luv their song replay so much. ROCK ON GUYS. THEY’RE AWESOME.

  24. hahaha’s that is so funny! shinee? copying Big Bang? no way! look at them! theres a huge difference! besides their young and fesh! LOLs REPLAY!

  25. seriosuly.
    they are not copying big bang! big bang has that street style and shinee is like classic european style. if you guys have eyes, you can see the bbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggg difference!

  26. i rooot for shinee! GO SHINee!

  27. They are handsome I love them

  28. รักshineeที่สุดเร้ย

  29. i think that big bang is the hotties,sexys jut like ft isalnd

  30. Being African American, I find it VERY interesting that people are claiming that SHINee is trying to copy Big Bang’s style.

    Do you guys REALLY think that Big Bang’s style started with Big Bang?


    Denial much?

  31. you ppl are so dread…….

    give them a rest!!!

  32. they arent copying big bang :\
    their music is more like … girlie POP
    and big bang is more like rap and stuff

    either way.
    they’re cute

    im not korean, chinese ,viet, jap, etc..
    im latin and i reaaaally love korean, chinese and japanese music (:

    so; g-dragon IS MINE!!!! <33

    • 조까등신아

  33. They’re cute.
    But BigBang’s style is like.. Dayum Hawt!

  34. They’re OK. 🙂
    I have to say, their MV reminds me of BB’s Lies. And in the end, someone says, “ahh~” remind me more of Big Bang. No offense, just saying. :/
    For me, I love Big Bang more, but SHINee is still fine.

  35. i love you shinee TAEMIN….

  36. Taimin is mineeeee

  37. we are love you TAIMIN

  38. i’m korean saranheyu jjan i love youuuuu

  39. GO SHINee! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! korean stars is SHINEE!

  40. GO GO GO SHINee
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! so cool
    always ur super fan

  41. GO GO GO SHINee
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! so cool
    always ur super fan ! no.1 shoot to the star !`~

  42. AWUHH i love ’em theyre sooo cute.
    and i love theyre MV’s
    Replay, love like oxygen, and AMIGO
    and they really changed . like in
    replay = they were cute and fresh
    then . love like oxgyen = they were still cute and fresh . and then
    amigo = like WHOAH theyre HOTT ;DD
    and and Saranghaeyo TAEMIN oppa ❤
    and GO SHINee<3 FIGHTING ! .

  43. hahah they remind me of the Jonas Brothers.

  44. Hi

  45. shinee i come from indonesia……
    i like you all…..
    your perfomance are very very goodddddd
    i luph u all…………………………………

  46. The 1st time i saw them was the love like oxygen..
    And i just fall in love..
    Good luck for u guys =D

  47. รัก ไชนี มากๆๆๆๆๆ
    I Love SHINee

  48. hi……i’m from indonesia…
    i like shinee
    because they are so cool…..

  49. They are handsome

    i like you…


  50. que lindos salen todos !!XD y sobre todo taemin , los amoo a todos !!

  51. They are handsome

    i like you…


  52. อยากเปน~ noonaในใจของ Minho จางเลีย

  53. jonghyun+Anew เถ้ แถมยาง แบ๋วอีก จุ๋บ…ๆ


  55. Where can i buy those jeans cheap?? tekll me

  56. i love

    • shinee of colombia

  57. shinee i am from colombia you are exelents

  58. pls U guys I love korean singers so so so much, so pls pass all new info of them to me by cos i am so busy with my work but i still i want to know what is going on with dem………..B-Thanks…..Sa Rang He Yo

  59. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoo shinee
    love love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  60. smart r minho!!
    saranghae minho oppa!!


  62. i don’t think they were or are copying big bang or whatever. shinee has its own style ❤

    (i'm sorry, my bad english -.-)

  63. ta nar sak shvv

  64. shinee tasarsan baina

  65. ayaw mo og ka suya…
    mga gwapo lng gyud nah sila..
    so young and fresh.

  66. shinee is the best.. like all the group member.. energetic dance..funniest character.. the best appa for yoogeon.. cute appa in hi bb..

  67. I really like Shinee, snsd, super senior and ju more I like the key youngun heloo baby fits in the video, I really liked the game when you run then jump youngun how many centi-meter distance was 400! I also like youngun time to cry she was so funny, and I like Onew and key! I like Shinee!

  68. wolaa atodos solo kiero decirles ke amo sus canciones xD i me moriria por conocerlos en persona los amo a todos jeje hasta mee derrito cuando veo sus imagenes bueno agregen

  69. I am from Tunisia and i love Korean music soooooooo much besides i am one of the biggest funs of SHINEEEE they are sooooooo nice and cute…I hope they will be more successful in the future GOOD LUCK love you BOYS

  70. adoro vcs cada música eu amo mais a q eu mais gosto é hello ador vcs amoooooo, mtmtmtmtmtmt’ cada istante da minha vida é em vcs q eu penso amo mt vcs não vejo a hora de vcs vim para o brasil adoro vc bjs na boca de vcs AMO VCS DO FUNDO DO MEU ♥

  71. Jeez, everyone is talkingabout copying. I dont think there is such a thing! I mean, if you liek the style and start wearing it it doesn’t mean you are copying. But if other sees it as copying then isn’t everyone copying eachother. Like if I would start wearing a special sweater then would it mean that I was copying the other girl in China, wearing the exactly same sweater? Don’t thing so. 🙂

  72. is all sit

  73. Myliu shinee! (h)

  74. xaxaxaxaxxaxaxaxax<3<3<3<3<3

  75. ai love you taemin

  76. woo0o0o0ow i Love you Taemin (xox)

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