Posted by: krnloop | May 19, 2008

SM Entertainment’s new group: Shinee

SM Entertainment, which has already released some of the popular groups in the Kpop scene like TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, is coming out with a new male group called “Shinee.” Shinee, described as a contemporary band, is composed of members whose ages range from 14-18 years old and who go by the names of Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key (picture above: L-R).

According to SM Entertainment, Shinee is going to lead this generation’s trendy dance, fashion and music. With regard to its name, the label explains that it is a combination of the word “shine” and “ee,” which is to mean “people receiving the light.” This light, as applied to the group, is the “spotlight” directed toward Shinee, whose goal is to fascinate fans, regardless of their ages or where they come from, with its diverse music.

A teaser video of the group was released today, May 19, in its official homepage and also Daum tvpot (I love the song!). Shinee’s first mini album and music video are set to be released on the 22nd.

Source: Newsen



  1. Wow, a new group is debuting under the SM name? I guess that’s some pretty big news.
    Their style looks pretty good, despite my distaste for a few choices of clothes they made, but that’s only me xD
    I’m loving the kid on the end though haha. Actually the first three look prett good. They all have that cute baby face.
    I’m looking forward to them coming out, we’ll see what SM has got and if they can compete with the bigger names like their DBSK and SuJu sunbaes.

  2. omgomg i like them already.

  3. It’s big news. I remember hearing this MC’s comment in Show Music Tank 4 years ago that something big happens in the Kpop scene every 4 years. Let’s start the count from 1996, which was the year H.O.T debuted, then in 2000, BoA debuted and in 2004, TVXQ was released. Now, 2008, Shinee is SM Entertainment’s weapon.

  4. Oh~ Im looking forward to them!
    Their song sounds good =D

  5. hm.. i’m wondering if they’re trying to compete with big bang in terms that big bang was set to be a very trendy and fashionable boy band.. their style, while still different has got a similar feel. totally different from tvxq. (i wish SM would stop sending their artist over to japan almost indefinitely like with boa and now dbsg though… i miss seeing them in korea)

    but i feel like shinee will be huge. their preview has that potential to really be big and with a catchy hook. whee. it will be exciting to see how the dynamics go, with big bang planning to release their new mini album in a bit, i think dbsg is planning to return to korea later this year to promote their new album, and wondergirls new album release soon as well 😛

    • i like taemin and minho!!!!!?????

  6. Sm sends them to Japan to mould them to be stronger artist in terms of singing and other things
    and also we all know that korea market is very small to earn $.

    Anyway i like this group , will support them
    cos it belongs to sm ^^

  7. WOW o_O, they’re so young x)

  8. They seem very Big Bang-ish… except… not. ._.;
    Ah well. We’ll see what happens~ 😀

  9. whoa the middle guy from far looks like a younger version of heechul lol

  10. Did you guys see the promo vid already? I like TaeMin in the picture and Key but without his hair up like that.. he has like almost a mushroom cut x_x.. the can dance, which is good but vocals.. yikes.. I can’t really recognise each member in the promo since I JUST check them out but maybe later I’ll be able to comment more on them.. =/

  11. I’m looking forward to their debut. I’ve seen the teaser clip for their Music Vid, and i definitely want to see more!

  12. the song really sounds good ^_^ cant wait to listen to the whole song ❤
    couldnt watch the promo vid yet 😦 but hope it’ll work by tomorrow ^^’

  13. I think Big Bang is more Gangster-ish?
    I don’t know.. but I’m really looking forward to them.
    I’m loving how the middle one looks right now. I hope that they perform live on their debut because it’d look really bad if they didn’t, still I don’t care though but some people do.

    Coming from SM, I’m sure they won’t disappoint us, hopefully.

  14. oooh they’re cute!!
    and i love their style 😀
    can’t wait for their single!

  15. oh heyy everyone I’ve made a forum for them already… because I know that this group will be a big success! ^^

    it’s really new since I just made it… lol.. but if you want to join and help moderate and stuff let me know 😀

  16. can’t wait for their debut!!
    i’ve been repeating their song/mv preview for so many times already
    i hope people wouldn’t compare them to big bang so much though x.x

  17. they are really cute but dude some are too young. 14 years old? thats like 5 yrs younger than me T_T

  18. wow… i like the way the song is sounding so far… but…

    the two guys on the outside… i thought they were girls when i first saw the picture… before i read the article.

    and yeah, the guy in the middle DOES look like heechul.

  19. They will FLOP

  20. @Julie, hey I’m interested and have already fav your forum link lol

    yeah looking forward to this group. Been watching/listening to their teaser on youtube over and over again. It’s scary how young they are though..the oldest one is my age o.O But definitely excited for May 22nd!

  21. this is totally SM trying to counter Big Bang O_o

  22. It’s funny how people say they will fail or whatever, but that line has been used other sm groups as well and look how popular they have become. Though, I do believe that sm is trying to counter Big Bang with this new group. Since dbsk is in korea & suju is busy with miscellaneous activities, Big Bang has taken the music scene by storm with one hit after another. SM knows that he needs a trendy male group to fit in with what’s popular right now. And it’s good timing too since Big Bang is busy promoting in Japan. Anyway, I think the song has definite potential, so we’ll see how things go. Though, I personally think they’ll do really well ^^

  23. the middle one is SO CUTE! >.<

  24. i was impressed by the very first singer! somewhat leejung-esque?

  25. i am really anticipating for them.

  26. Thanks for translating this article! I heard about it on LJ ^^

    I was interested to read you SM every-4-years-something-big thing. XD I wonder how big they’ll be… *wait and see*

  27. When I heard that “every 4 years…,” I immediately had that info embedded in my brain. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I first heard it. lol, time flies so fast!

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  29. wOW!!dErs A neW GrOup dEr R cUtE!!!
    BuT I like MOst is My Yunho Oppa!!!!

  30. […] reported yesterday, SM Entertainment’s new group Shinee is to lead this generation’s dance, music and […]

  31. yes, sorry to repeat this, but they do remind me of a preppy version of big bang. but nevertheless, i think they’ll be a cute group. hope they dont disappoint. except has anyone realized how skinny they are? omgosh, father SM needs to start feeding these kids. and 14 years old? i find that slightly creepy. how long would he have been training for until his debut under sm? @-@

  32. Lov3 the on3’s wit th3 ‘blu3 hoody and sunglass’ and ‘blu3 half baggy shirt’ Th3 one in the middl3 looks lik3 H33Chul HaHaHaHa…….. Th3 on3 w3aring blu3 and black strips pant I think he is th3 on3 who is 14. (My ag3) H3 si cut3.
    Lov3 Shin33
    Shin33 Hwaiting!!!!!!!

  33. […] reported, SM Entertainment’s new group Shinee is to lead this generation’s dance, music and […]

  34. the one in the middle kinda of look like heechul from super junior >< they are hottt:] age:D perfecto lol

  35. 14!!! man, way to young i think.that is the age of my youngest, i’m gettin’ old, alrite.they don’t seem that age u know.uh..uh…despite, i love their song ‘noona is so pretty,’ got some catchy feeling in it.

  36. OMG ><
    they look to hot, but DBSK is for F O R E V E R!!
    But it’s ~SHINEE FIGHTING~
    I’m already in love with the one on the left, the first one, The one with the blue sweater [ which i wish i had, even though it’s a guys sweater (^_^)]

  37. I already really like these guys. I just watched their debut performance and they actually sang LIVE for it, and on top of that they sang it live WELL. This group is definately going to be one to watch out for in the future.

  38. They kinda look like a knock-off of Big Bang. o _ o

    No offense to people who are anticipating their debut

  39. lols.. no wonder they had to come up with a song titled ‘noona is pretty’ trying to capture the attn of older ladies >.< WHY DO I HAVE TO BE 21 !!~~~

  40. They are cute
    hopefully they will be big…..
    luv the song

    Hopefully they dont have any girlfriends!!!!
    que mono (means cute)

  41. […] SM Entertainment’s new group: Shinee [image] [image] SM Entertainment, which has already released some of the popular groups in the Kpop scene lik […]

  42. I love their new song. ^^

  43. i like thee middle one hes cute hahaa
    and their song is pretty good i don’t understand why people are accusing them that their copying dbsk and super junior its ridiculous

  44. i heard that they’re like wannabe big bang.

    AND BECAUSE i’m kinda dislikin big bang because yg says they’re the only boy group that can sing. which is not true because suju has better vocals, i’m not really feelin this new group. I think their age range is too young and their voices are going to change and i don’t kno if they’re going change for better or worse.

    I feel bad for them though, because they have to “shine” above SuJu, not going to happen, and SM’s other super fightig groups to succeed or they’ll end in a year or so like female korean stars.

  45. it’s so hard to me because they are to young. But… neverless. i like them. i think they will be more better same as their senior in SM.

    the new style of music i think.
    but just one think distrubed me. their song title “noona nomu yeppu”. too funny.

  46. I really like this boyband..they are all talented..
    there are some misunderstandings, they are not copying big bang; Sm created them as a contemporary group to be more unique and attract younger audiences… Some peple says that they will replace SUJu and DBSK, no they’re not…No one could ever replace SUJU and DBSK, they are the two popular group all over Asia..If something happen to these two groups the fans(include me) will be protesting..

  47. i can’t believe that SM entertainment keep putting out more groups, they already have popular groups like DBSK, Super Junior and SNSD. i wonder why they keep having more groups coming out?? (hmm…maybe, world music industry domination??) Just kidding, just kidding, but who knows? the groups they have out are all pretty popular…
    i also heard that they are already being compare to DBSK, and they may surpass them…tsk, for some reason, that ticks me off….c’mon, they’ve only just begin and DBSK been for what, 4 years now?? and they are very popular, being good-looking and having great voices…ShinHee can never replace them but they can be their own group, that’s all….
    and geez, the youngest is 14, that’s just amazing…


  49. I really hate Taemin’s bowl cut
    BUT I AM SO LOVING his hair here!!! they should put his bangs up more often HOT
    OMFG and he’s 14 >.< AHHHHH….wait……then would that make him 13 in Canada O.o;

  50. I LOVE SHINee there so cute

  51. u know what? i dont care what the hell u people say but i love them. i dont know why those who said bad comments towards SHINee but seriously. Cut them some slack. they just came out and their age is pretty young. i dont know but according to my opinion i think that its because theyre having too much stress. and if they get any worse ill be blaming on those who lectured them. in order for one person to succeed they need support. of course u can say they suck but thats only because u made them like that. So just Shut it. i dont even think they need any of them in the first place. if u got nothing nice to say then just keep it to ur self.

  52. wow,,excellent,,shinee is wonderfull,,very handsome,,and younger…hehehehe…..
    I think, they can change TVXQ…

  53. I ♥ them!! =)

  54. when i first saw them.. hmm.. i goes WoW.. they look cute~~ XD i like their debut song.. nice to listen.. hehe looking forward for their album~~ XD
    n too.. whao.. d youngest is onli 14.. *fuhfuh* but they cn never replace TVXQ ya.. XD

  55. nunaneun numu yeahbbo

  56. AHHH!!! Jong Jyun and Key are my favorites….
    well if you folks think there gay then there all mine!
    thanks for the credit!! It good that SM town
    have young singers..that way we are in same box…
    DBSK are too old for me…there’s no chance!
    Now that we have SHINEE….they are just like us….
    YIIIPPPPYYY! ^________________^

  57. they cute…..

  58. I like their song a lot! X3 its soooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!! When i think about the fact that one is 14 i look back and think wat have i done? -_-

  59. I didn’t have any expectation from SHINee when I first started to watch their MV. I was pretty skeptical about them, especially the first few seconds of the video where I was reminded of Big Bang. Although both groups are similar in small ways there are differences. I’m totally addicted to their debut song Replay haha I had it on Repeat since I’ve watched the MV. Despite the facts that they are pretty young, I think they’ll grow into great performers and I wish them the best in their careers.

    It definitely feels werid that they’re all younger than me haha but it’s all good, DBSK is my love =D

  60. i also like their song n voice.. plus they so cute..hehe..SHINee Fighting!!!!

  61. i’m from indonesia,they very young but they so wonderfull.good luck shinee…….

  62. doesn’t the one at the end with the dark blue
    on look like U-know from DBSK ?

  63. hey

  64. Okay they have such a good video.
    At first I didn’t find them as good looking until I actually watch the whole video.. Awesome Video.
    I should include SUPER CATCHY BEATS.

    Anyway I was reading some of the comments.. and yes to me they seem like Big Bang. Just the fact that SHINee isn’t as Ghetto as Big Bang.
    I wouldn’t say Gangster, I don’t even know why people referred Big Bang as Gangsters.

    SHINee, from my view, they are more of a prep group. Very Unique too. Their dances moves are Amazing. How can they move throughout the whole Replay MV like that? I give them prop. They are just fantastic.

  65. shine ??

    i like key , he is so cute ^^

  66. OH MY GOSH intense ness 😀

  67. OMG! Sorry to be rude but uhhhhhhh……………….are they the wannabe’s of DBSK and Big Bang? I can’t Believe this at all.

  68. well i like them, especially onew and tae min dongsaeng,,,haha,, noona got craz,,ahahah, but i love suju’s songsmore

    but keep fighting shinee, its just the start of your journey, ull go far! i know it!

  69. goeio

  70. I like SHINNE and i like MIN HO

    • HII 😉 am manel i from tunisia .i like shinee <3<3<3 and i love so much choi minho <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  71. i like tae min, i love the way he dances so cute. n they i really like their voices, its different

  72. I really loved their song “Replay” and their dance move is just sooooooooooooooooo great………..
    All of them are so good looking…………
    Way to go SHINee……………….

  73. SHINee Nani kore? demo after I see them wow sugoi kakoi desu. I LOVE SHINee!!!!

  74. i love them!
    i love you Jonghyun and Taemin!

  75. hahaha! OMG! i ❤ Onew, Key and Jong-hyung! damn! their so cute! LOLs and yea, tae-min does look like hee-chul in the pic! xD

  76. they are cute , i liked them and i wish them the best
    Go forward you will be real stars 🙂 :>

  77. wow , SHInee is really cool.i like them n hope they can come wid more cool songs

  78. i love them!
    hear there songs

  79. I AM SO INLOVE WITH ONEW.he is so cute!i am glad that SM has a boy band my age.yippee!they are all still young and i know that they will definitely achive more than what they have now.SHINee fighting!

    Shinee’s fan all the way from BRUNEI

  80. i very likes them.especially tae min………………

  81. ya bn türküm ama shinee nide hastasıyım bi türk bilemi yorum yazmadı yaa:(

  82. shinee rocks man!

  83. hey~you know i do i love you OK.
    I love them verymuch but i don’t know name them.

  84. omg they are all so cute and my age! Minho is so hott!!! and onew and Jonghyun and taemin and all of them eeek!

  85. OMG they’re so cute. By the way to anyone whois reading this i’m from South Africa and i’m mad about mainly Japan but when i heard this band i got into Korea as well its the best RNB song i’ve ever heard of! I want to learn Japanese and am going to at this school but i’ll have to wait till the year 2009 when i’m 14 teen cause its only for 14 and up. But till then Sayoonara!

  86. OMG they’re so cute. By the way to anyone who is reading this I’m from South Africa and I’m mad about mainly Japan but when i heard this band i got into Korea as well its the best RNB song I’ve ever heard of! I want to learn Japanese and am going to at this school but I’ll have to wait till the year 2009 when I’m 14 teen cause its only for 14 and up. But till then Sayoonara! My japanese name is Hiromi.

  87. ……….their voice…….uh…la…la…la…
    I like it……
    Good luck……Boys……

  88. New Kids On The Korea?????

  89. shinee…… i love you so much

    Min Ho you are so cute boy….

  90. Taemin…
    i loveyou…
    urin cheonsaengyeon buniya..

  91. i think there almost as good as big bang ..hope they do well:)
    like the guy in the wicked shirt:D

  92. im definately loving this group. : ]
    hehe. baught there 1st album . ! x
    SHINee fighting! ~
    Saranghae Taemin. ; )
    aka cute guy in the middle. :]
    &youngest member of the group.

  93. wow i very very like shinee and i’m from jakarta i hope i can see shinee live concert in jakarta

  94. Annyong…..!
    jo irumun Devy Aryaniimnida….!
    I’m from Indonesia……!
    I hope i can see shinee line concert in Indonesia….!

  95. hollo

  96. i am from kina

  97. I am really suprise DBSK is the #1 band in Korea from teh scale 1-5 their album was a 4. I mean i love DBSK their my favorite band and all but their cd wasn’t that good. SHINee’s album was really good i give them a 5.
    SHINee & DBSK Fighting!~
    !Key SARANGHAE<3!

  98. i am from kina too but i lived in norway


    • i love shinee plz come to phil.

  100. uhhh…..
    I love them…. ^^

    Taemin sooo cool…… Handsome…


  101. yeah it nice n u all r ma age hy key i like u very much do u have gal frd ahhhhhhhhh
    miss u all .actully we r unknown each other but i alway c u in cafe love uuuuuuuuuu
    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu big kiss from tibetan gallllllllll

  102. hyi plzzzzzzzz teach me korean lauage key ,n key frds .hy key when i listen ur voice it so hard 2 live in school n i miss u nthen i will bung in class
    it so stanger we r unknown but i realy like u byeeeee take care

  103. I watched their videos and these guys can sing live and dance. I also listened to their album and it’s actually very good. My favorites are Jonghyun and Onew…Jonghyun though is pretty amazing. This guy can really sing. I am sure they’ll be the next big thing after DBSK. Cutest though is Taemin. Gotta love his dance moves. This noona is hooked on their album! Go boys!

  104. ^_^

  105. tae min so handsome… ^^

    i like him so much…


  106. I Love ShineeEspecially TaeminHe Very Cute.I Want him To Show A big Dance for me.

  107. I Love You Taemin.You Are Very Cute Guy.I Want to see you Face

  108. ANNYUNG!
    sorry i cant write more than that as i m very poor in korean language but i m a big fan of korean actors, singers, n all. my fav. r TVXQ n SHINee. i realy luv u all. I hav seen some of u in Showbiz extra n i saw only two of u. TAEMIN n MINHO. i missed others. sorry. ya i 4got to tell i m from Bhutan. ITS a small himalayan country. so i look forward for ur successes n wish u all the best n i hope u become as famous as TVXQ. i guess it will happen:)
    Saranghaeyo all of u!

  109. Uhh… Finally the cute guy from sm entertainment come back, I think the best guy is almighty key..
    i like their songs so much, and for all shinee member I hope u can do the best for your fans

  110. I love SHINee. I think they’re amazing. They haven’t even been out that long, but they’ve already got a pretty large fanbase. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

  111. i am very very happy to contact with you! I want to send with you next message

  112. omo~~~~ LOVE SHINEE 4EVER…!!! evn though i like big bang,suju,dbsk…but i even like SHINee more then them…. SHINEE….HWITING….!!!! (^^)

  113. shinee……………………!!!

    i love u soooooooooo mmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh………

  114. I can’t wait for their comeback SHINEE FIGHTING

  115. Shinee are so god at singing! They rawk! Plus are so young but they shure does knoe how to pop and they are hawt! 😀

  116. SHINee is a great group. I would like to know if they will be preforming in the U.S. sometime. I know they have before, and I hope they will again. SHINee forever! ❤

  117. shinee is cool

  118. ……………..i love you…………..

  119. SM Entertainment’s new group: Shinee
    i love you……shinee…….

  120. your coooooooooool guy’s !!!
    go go go go go !!!

  121. shinee …… I…..ok…i.i.i I LOVE YOU.,,,aaaaaaaaaaah

  122. hi
    I love u
    bye bye

  123. hi guys!
    you are soooooooooooooooo gol0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0od
    i love you
    please tell me soon

  124. key cast be more sister is not there but his sister love key shinee love key shinee

  125. handsome…..^^
    if you in indonesia… >.<

  126. i love you KEY….^^

  127. ihhhhhh
    numo giyowo…………
    oppa your very handsome n cute…^^

  128. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee shinee ss501
    kim -hyun-joong u sxsi

  129. u is great!!!!!!!!

  130. They will come to ma country this saturday…woo…sarang hei oppa…ma hero…hwaitin…mwah*

  131. i love u 4ever SHINee my love!secret girl 077990195

  132. Love u my SHINee m Secret girl hope u all no me.Sihanouk ville 093934427

  133. I like their Style
    THE BEST !

  134. hi shinee, i like u , i love your song

  135. M very regret that go 2 ur concert in cambodia!!! Now u not ma super star!!! I hate u

  136. ola soy d yucatan soy desendiente de corea por parte del general francisco kin me encantan pro sobre todo taemin….besos


  137. …shinee coollllllllll….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ….I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………..

  138. omg SS501 rockz to the very max !

  139. i love shinee
    so cute

  140. shinee is the best……….!!!………..good…..

  141. i love shinee………….i really like tae min

  142. […] SM Entertainment's new group: Shinee « krnloop oh heyy everyone I've made a forum for them already… because I know that this group will be a big success! ^^. // it's really new since I just made it… lol. but if you want to join and help moderate and stuff let me know 😀 . i hope people wouldn't compare them to big bang so much though x.x By: Eva on May 20, 2008 at 10:56 am. Reply. they are really cute but dude some are too young. 14 years old? thats like 5 yrs younger than me T_T . […]

  143. i love shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and ss5011111111111111111

  144. shinee 난 항상 m까지 내가 말해주지 않는가, 당신을 사랑해…

  145. 내가, 내가 Onew 자매가 행복보고 계속 싶어 내가 동생 Onew 만난 일일 희망 shinee. 당신을 사랑합니다

  146. i am ur great fan. i like ur all album. both the bands rockssssssssssssssss
    shinee & ss501ys u guys r really cool.

  147. we love your song

  148. hmmmm …. they nice…. kept it up guyzz!!!

  149. Korean already conquer Philippines…. we love ur song guys… even thou we can’t understand the language you had….. but we love it …..

  150. i want joy i group i very want to joy your group

  151. szia nagyon szeretlektikteket és nagyon jól énekeltek és nekem nagyon tecik :):)

  152. gv bbb

  153. its great of boys bange of shineee n i reallly like to listen songs . u all top of tthe wold

  154. There are some attention-grabbing time limits on this article however I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There is some validity however I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want extra! Added to FeedBurner as nicely

  155. How now, brown cow?

  156. LoL.
    In your face to all bashing SHINee when they debuted. Hahahaha, SHINee is so popular now.

  157. Reading this after 4 years. :3 ❤
    I'm so proud of SHINee~ ^^;;

  158. marvelous hotels in ams…

    […]c Thanks for the a new challenge you have discovered in your short article. O zv[…]…

  159. Reading this in 2013 … So proud of the boys!! Already been to Asia, Europe and the US… Keep going guys!! Shawols will support you!!!

  160. omg im reading this in 2016 this is so cool… shinee are my favorite group and will always be #1 and minho is my baby boy. they have done sooo well and grown so much i cant believe its been 8 years since they debuted. they have done soo many concepts so far and thinking about how all the comments were from 2008… i havent been a fan for that long but i’ve been knowing of them and the kpop scene for several years and finally got into shinee my sunshines 2 years ago ;;;;; i love minho so much and it would be amazing if someone discovers this page even after 2016!!! im only 15 rn and so many were 14+ or younger in 2008 hahah.

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