Posted by: krnloop | May 17, 2008

Shim Eun Jin & Lee Chun Soo, break up

Former Baby VOX member Shim Eun Jin and soccer player Lee Chun Soo are no longer a couple. According to Shim Eun Jin’s camp, Olive9, the singer and soccer player’s relationship has ended at the beginning of May. Moreover, an Olive9 official said that the two still remain to be good friends despite their break-up, which was caused by personality differences.

The relationship was an open secret but it was only until March of this year, a year since Shim and Lee got together, that people close to the couple admitted that they are an item. Last February, Shim Eun Jin visited Lee Chun Soo in Netherlands.

Source: Sports Seoul



  1. lol i saw this coming.
    lee chun soo is not even close to settling down

  2. […] source […]

  3. aww, i kinda liked them together. D:

  4. he reminds me of daesung xD

  5. by the way i like how your banner changes to often!

  6. alnassir clab ( ksa )

  7. I wish from Lee shun to be aware that the slogan wear, and improved level for the better because at the moment this is not a game and level better than that

  8. by the way i like how your banner changes to often!

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