Posted by: krnloop | May 17, 2008

Epik High: highest album sales in April

According to the Korean Music Industry Association, Epik High’s 5th album “Pieces, Part One,” which was released on April 17, has sold 54,227 copies in April alone. Based from this record, Epik High’s album currently has the highest number of monthly sales for this year.

As Epik High’s 4th album “Remapping the Human Soul” was able to sell more than 120,000 copies, “Pieces, Part One” is also expected to reach the 100,000 mark soon. “Remapping the Human Soul” sold 47,909 copies 8 days after its release on January 23, 2007 and exceeded 54,000 sold copies in 2 weeks’ time.

Meanwhile, the compilation album “Love Song 2008” came in 2nd with 23,530 sold copies and was followed by Junjin’s solo album “New Decade” with 20,000 sold copies. Kim Dong Ryul’s 5th album, which came out on January 25, still ranked in the April album sales chart and placed 4th.

Source: Mydaily



  1. So Tablo’s whining tactic actually worked. I shall take notes.

  2. Since you write this, it looks like MIAK may have updated the April chart.

    It looks to me like Shinhwa sold an amazing 96, 320 in April, which puts them way out ahead in first place (it makes since, because it was there 10th anniversary album and there was a lot of excitement surrounding them and their concerts at that time).

    Please correct me if I’m reading the chart wrong.

  3. […] was announced by the Korean Music Industry Association as this year’s top seller as of end of April 2008. Since its release, it has already sold a total of 96,320 copies. In second place is Kim Dong […]

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