Posted by: krnloop | May 14, 2008

Lee Hyo Ri on her “scandal partners”

Lee Hyo Ri confessed in last night’s “Sang Sang Plus Season 2” the truth about rumors linking her to different celebrities.

She was first asked who among her “scandal partners” was the most absurd one and Lee Hyo Ri answered that the most absurd ones were with Shin Dong Yup and Park Soo Hong. She also added that while the two were false rumors, the rest of them were true.

Hearing her answer, Shin Jung Hwan made a follow-up question and said, “There were only two which are not true?” Hyo Ri then replied, “Those were the absurd cases. There were other rumors that were entirely true but there were also others that were partly true.

Lee Hyo Ri was then asked about the truth on rumors on her relationships with actors.

She answered, “I didn’t have one with an actor.” Then after saying that, she took it back and said “I did have one with an actor,” an answer that resulted to a laughing moment.

Source: Hankyung



  1. the answer is Lee suh jin
    She’s stupid.
    Lee Suh Jin is in a fabulous relationship with kim jung eun and she could of lied but now everyones going to think of them.

  2. why didnt they asked her about her one night stand with Rain & isnt this also a rumour which she is now trying to admit it’s true?? this was first mentioned by Rain himself when he vomitted out in a radio interview thereafters became a worldwide speculation then both denied vehemently and wanted to sue people for starting the rumour. why start the stupid rumour & then deny & blame the people of speculating?? doesnt make cow sense in whatever both claimed it wastnt true but now coming to light because she didnt mentioned this one in her denial.
    so she & rain did have a scandal after their sexual hot dance that lured them to throw themselves into each other’s arms.
    that guy is no saint who loves sexy women and she is no angel jumping from bed to bed with any hot men!!

  3. I’m glad you brought that up johnrussell. I was kinda wondering the same thing. She said only a couple of rumors were false. A lot of things have been said about Hyori. Does she mean that most is true? That’s dangerous territory to be getting into for her. I wonder if she was just joking and they took her seriously.

  4. Do you actually believe they would ask about specifics like that on a korean variety show? HELL NO. you know how censored these shows get.

    If rain did say that on the radio show..
    it seems like it did happen because JYP was on his ass trying to cover it up. but hyori’s last company didn’t go crazy as JYp.

  5. she also had a scandal with a civilian, me. =D

  6. From what I watched, she said that part of them are true while others were NOT. So, it was not exactly that she said it was partly true. It’s different, right?

    And also, she said that there were rumors because she was very close to those guys.

    I believe the Lee Suh Jin thing was true and that was probably the most true out of all.

    For Rain, I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe not. Coz filed a case and they actually went to court. The people who did it admitted what they did and made to do a public apology.

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