Posted by: krnloop | May 14, 2008

Kil Gun makes a “shining” comeback

After a year out of the music scene, Kil Gun is back with her 3rd album entitled “Light of the World,” which is scheduled to be released on May 15.

The album jacket photoshoot was done in late April with the concept “light.” For the said shoot, Kil Gun was covered in gold body paint and wore a gold bikini, which showed off her curves. The shoot took 12 hours because of the body painting that completed Kil Gun’s look.

The album’s title track is called “Country of the Sun,” which has a brass punk band feel to it and was composed by Shinsadong Horaengi and Jun Hye Won and written by Wheesung. Shinsadong Horaengi arranged Jewelry’s hit song “One More Time.”

Meanwhile, Kil Gun is set to hold a 3rd album launching showcase on May 28 at Club NB2 in Hongdae.

Source: Newsen



  1. yes oh god yes!! i hope she brings the usual energy to the table, but a punk band feel? kil gun does her own choreography so i wonder how can she put dance moves to a punk sound @_@

    and yeah she’s look good

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  3. jfgyiuif

  4. tumar mata kottar biecca

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  7. sexy gun

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