Posted by: krnloop | May 14, 2008

Crown J and Seo In Young’s digital single

Last May 9, Crown J and Seo In Young released a digital single entitled “Too Much,” which also serves as the the two singers’ theme song in the MBC show “We’re Married,” where they act as a married couple.

“Too Much” is a song about a man and a woman who have different sets of values and although getting into a lot of quarrels, in the end, they still are much alike and compatible.

Source: Ilgan Sports


  1. i must say im in love with this song! ^^

  2. the song is great!..too much..A!…XD….i love them in the series..they are my fave!

  3. way to go! u have a great tandem.. u blend well, the melody is good and u both look good together too.. i hope u both make more music like this one.. A!!! this is soo addictive.. A!!!

  4. Wait so they arent married fo reals? its jus an act?
    thats so weird but they are a cute coupleee!!!!!

  5. its a very nice song!!

  6. I loooove this song… But just like the song, In Young is just too much…. I think Crown J deserve better……

  7. wow!yup im agree with them its 2 nice! i like that:)

  8. it nOt nice to much
    so dont exaggerate plzz
    and the song so Boring
    Advice from mee : dont Listening to this song

  9. did they marry?

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