Posted by: krnloop | May 13, 2008

Hyun Young: “I wear flat shoes to match Kim Jong Min’s height”

In yesterday’s episode of the KBS radio program “Kim Gu Ra and Lee Yoon Suk’s Ozinger,” Hyun Young revealed tidbits regarding her relationship with Koyote member Kim Jong Min. The two admitted that they are a couple in January of this year.

Hyun Young confessed, “We had out first kiss 3 months after we met. When I love, I only see all the good things about my boyfriend. I like him a lot now.”

The long-legged singer also added, “When I’m meeting Kim Jong Min, I wear flat shoes to match his height.”

When asked what she sees as Kim Jong Min’s bad side, Hyun Young said that her boyfriend has the habit of preaching her about life and teaching her how to go about with it.

Source: MK



  1. my favorite couple of all time! LOL i’m rooting for them keke

  2. they’re so freaking cute together

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