Posted by: krnloop | May 12, 2008

Tablo sleeps with Mithra when he’s lonely

Epik High’s Tablo confessed on May 10’s episode of KBS “Star Golden Bell” that he has the habit of going almost nude when he is recording songs.

“When I rap, I move and the clothes make rustling sounds so I started taking off my clothes. The other members who took off their clothes during recording said it was quite comfortable but sometimes the people who came over to deliver food were confused about it,” Tablo said, which resulted to a moment of laughter in the set.

Tablo also added that when he feels very lonely, he sleeps in Mithra Jin’s room and hugs Mithra tight because he likes that he is chubby.

Source: Newsen



  1. lol

  2. LMAO XD

  3. oh my gawddddd LOLOLOLOLOLOL aw i wanna hug mithra to sleep too LOL hope you don’t mind me stealing this to post at epik_high@lj. with full credits of cos. cos it’s too much LOL & cuteness to not share ^^

  4. Sure, it’s my pleasure! lol!

  5. LOL. Yet another reason to love Epik High.

  6. Okay, can I love these guys any more? HAHA. Great post.

  7. HAHA
    that is too adorable.

    those lucky food deliveries ….. people…

  8. Lol…

    Korea is so gay ❤

  9. this makes me really happy 🙂

    i love epik high so much
    we just need Tukutz to start spooning one of them

  10. hahaha

  11. ohmygawd i want to be tablo and be hugging mithra to sleep <333

    do they all live in the same place? i thought they each had thier own apartments? or is this just during recordings or whatnot?

    hahaha. at first i thought i wanted to be the delivery person. but on second thought. maybe not XD

  12. omg that iss soooo cute!
    i hope when he records his next album and when he feels lone again, i will be there instead of mithra. hehehe.

    ahhhh. oppa! mee too! ill get biggger too. hehe^^

    thank you!

  13. oh my God…….

  14. What episode was this Star Golden Bell? I want to watch it >_>

  15. who said korea is so gay? thats hilarious! trueness! gotta love it!

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