Posted by: krnloop | May 12, 2008

Bada: “Korea’s Madonna”

Bada  was able to capture the hearts of the Vietnamese when she attended and performed at the opening of the “Korean Film Festival in Vietnam” on May 8 at the National Convention Center in Hanoi.

According to Bada’s agency, around 100 fans waited for Bada, who arrived at 11 pm on May 7, at the airport, which surprised the former S.E.S member and her staff.

Before going up on stage for the opening of the event, Bada was introduced as “Korea’s Madonna” and first performed “Like a Virgin” and was followed by her own songs “VIP,” “Queen,” and “Find the Way” in front of 3,700 people in the audience.

Bada was last active as the lead in the musical “Notre Dame de Paris” and will release a new album soon.

Source: Hankooki



  1. bada, korean modanna lol i’ve been saying that for weeks, i totally agree. but i still love her like no other

  2. yup. I agree too.
    Bada is definitely a talented singer :]
    Glad that she finally come to VN for the first time ^^*

  3. i just saw the performance.
    I her song queen… her live performance was really good

  4. […] Bada’s got her solo career goin’ for her. I mean, she’s already been called Korea’s Madonna. Totally agree, btw. She’s gone under the knife enough to prove […]

  5. […] you seen Korea’s Madonna? That’s right. South Korean actress and singer Uhm Jung Hwa has been nicknamed Korea’s […]

  6. madonna?? No! She’s much more FUN 😀

    She doesn’t need to be compared with Madonna, cuz she’s in a league of her own 🙂

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