Posted by: krnloop | May 11, 2008

U-know: most popular among ajumma fans

During May 10’s episode of KBS2 “Entertainment Relay,” TVXQ was asked which of its members is most popular among “ajumma” fans. According to the members of the popular quintet, U-know is the most popular among this fan bracket. U-know was also said as the most popular member in Japan, courtesy of his “ajumma” fans.

U-know then joked about his popularity among ajummas and said, “I’m calling out to noona fans.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ just finished its 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~ that attracted more than 150,000 fans. Moreover, tickets to this tour were sold out in just a second.

Source: Newsen



  1. im not surprised, i mean look at that face..and body *droool* lol. heck, i’ll still be a fan of his when im an ahjumma myself xD

  2. aww how cute! haha.

  3. haha, xmizzzy… i would be too!

    but by the time i become an ahjumma, he’d be married and with children…


  4. aww i love dbsk!

  5. u-know….well hes very cute..
    i wish i could meet him in person….

  6. yeah..i think Uknow is sexy boy, i like to looking his body so hot,,hhehe. have great dance n handsome,not suprised if ahjuma like him.

  7. sarang haeyo yunho!
    ur always in my heart…
    but when im an ahjumma, you’ll have your own family…
    anyways… be happy!

  8. u-know oppa sarangheee to sarnghaeee …
    max oppa sarangheee to sarangheee …
    hero oppa sarengheee to sarangheee …
    xiah oppa saranghee to saranheee. ..
    micky oppa sarangheeee ……
    DBSK sarangheee to saranghaeeeeeeee

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