Posted by: krnloop | May 10, 2008

Kim Yong Jun: next to leave SG Wanna Be?

Since information came out that Kim Yong Jun’s exclusive contract with Mnet Media will expire this June, it has been spreading that like Chae Dong Ha, who has now split from the trio, Kim Yong Jun will also be leaving SG Wanna Be. The contract of Kim Jin Ho, the trio’s other original member, is only until December of this year.

Here is what Mnet Media had to say regarding the issue: “In mid-May, we’ll be finally discussing with the members on extending their contracts for 2 or 3 more years. If they decide to go, we won’t hold them back.”

According to Kim Yong Jun, he is really thinking hard on whether he will extend his contract with Mnet Media.

On the other hand, SG Wanna Be finished its concert in Japan last May 8 and will return to Korea on the 11th. SG Wanna Be is scheduled to hold its 5th album nationwide tour starting May 24.

Source: Newsis



  1. what! really?
    Wow, this is disappointing…
    Whatever he decides, we’ll support! ^^

  2. hm they used to be my favorite, but their new song with the replacement guy sounds so different..i am saddened.

  3. awwwwwwww that’s pretty sad TT_______TT
    i miss dong ha but i like their replacement guy too
    oh well, i’m glad jin ho’s staying =D

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