Posted by: krnloop | May 9, 2008

Joo performed BoA’s “My Name”

If SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong performed Rain’s “It’s Raining” during his Mnet “MCountdown Heroes” segment last April 10, last night’s made way for Joo, who performed BoA’s “My Name.” Joo went up the stage wearing a similar look of what BoA looked like when she was promoting “My Name” back in 2004.

Meanwhile, this episode was hosted by SS501. MC Mong’s “Circus” also ranked 1st in “MCountdown,” beating Epik High’s “One.”

Source: MK



  1. I soo thought that said Ajoo for a minute. ^^;

  2. Yeah, it pretty much sucked.


  3. circus beat one? T_T

  4. she gave it.. her almost best.
    she just isn’t the type to pull off this style.
    her voice is too cute-kiddy

  5. She was mediocre and I’m being nice…

  6. she looks very young. how old is she?

  7. 18

  8. shes 18??
    weird she looks around 16..

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