Posted by: krnloop | May 7, 2008 “I don’t have a reason why Se7en and Rain can’t be popular in the US”

“I don’t have a reason why Se7en and Rain can’t be popular in the US,” said Black Eyed Peas member and producer, who was one of the speakers of Day 2 of the SBS-sponsored “Seoul Digital Forum 2008,” which was held today, May 7, at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel. was a speaker for one of today’s sessions entitled “Entertainment, At the Forefront of Imagination.”

According to, if Black Eyed Peas is getting popular in Brazil, he does not see it impossible for Se7en and Rain or any of the Korean singers debuting in the US to be popular in the said country.

“But Korean singers are still not known in the US. If up-and-coming Korean singers collaborate with famous producers in the US, there’s a high possibility for them to succeed,” added

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. no doubt they will succeed 🙂

  2. Awesome. 😀

  3. Yes, they can. It’s not 0% but who knows the success rate 😛 I’m Se7en fan and will always support him 🙂

  4. He should work with them and it would be even better!
    hes so talented its so cool that he was there as a speaker

  5. it’s cool that he’s supporting them, hehe.

  6. i saw in an another blog that did not mention se7en, only rain, who can make it in the US, so this article confuses me. i hope stays partial and do not contribute in any rain-se7en rivalry coz i love them both.

  7. I hope se7en’ll succeed in whatever he does.

  8. Hey~kewlnbubbly^^

    No need to feel confused,
    the sure did have mentioned SE7EN,cuz the original news is from Korea, and the Korean news definitely 100% mentioned SE7EN on the news title~!

    the was so right~^^
    SE7EN oppa certain have the big chance to make a succeed in US market---SE7EN♡ hwaiting!!!


  9. I agree with him.

    Not trying to be anal about this but shouldn’t the title say ““I don’t see…” instead of “I don’t have…”.

  10. is a pretty influential guy so I hope his mention of the two artists will create curiosity among his fans. Se7en has worked so hard and sacrificed so much for this US debut, so I hope he will at least get some recognition if not complete success in the states.

  11. well, i’m glad that thinks positively abt korean artists!
    FIGHTING! ^^

  12. thats great, seeing Rain and Se7en getting actual positive publicity… people are was too negative on them *cough*popseoul*cough*

  13. some bloggers actually lambast Rain and Se7en because both are so popular. Like, you will not draw any traffic if you trash a wanna-be. flame-baiting works best if you attack a well-known personality.

    heck, even Colbert benefited out of that parody he did on Rain.

    i admire Rain and Se7en for their efforts. they always reinvent themselves and make the most of their talents.

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