Posted by: krnloop | May 6, 2008

TVXQ thanks BoA

TVXQ expressed its gratitude to BoA during its “3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~” concert at the Saitama Arena last May 5.

Xiah expressed, “BoA was a pioneer in Japan. We want to thank her because we couldn’t have had our career in Japan if it weren’t for her. We don’t think we’re the best. There are still so many things we would like to try in the future.”

Max, the youngest in the group, also gave a piece of his mind to the thousands of fans in front of him and said, “It’s a mistake for us to be called as the pioneer (on Japan debut). Our seniors like H.O.T and BoA are the pioneers and we are just doing our best to respect the foundation they have laid.”

He continued, “As seniors, we would like to be a role model. It’d be great if other junior singers could build more achievements on the foundation.”

“In Korea, we also had good luck and we were able to meet a good staff and to receive lots of support. When we came to Japan, we had a frame of mind that we’re ‘rookie singers.’ Even though we’re securely and continuously working our way up, we would like to think that we’re still ‘rookie singers’,” said U-Know.

Source: Starnews



  1. that’s really sweet of them ;D

  2. that is so sweet of them to thank her. i really love smtown. 🙂

  3. OMG they are so humble
    lve them

  4. thats nice

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  6. They missed to name artists like Shinhwa, SS501, Se7en, YounHa, Rain and PARAN.

    BoA is maybe the most famous but the artists above did their best at Japan and got success too.

    DBSK members don’t have memory.

    Bad for them.

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  8. i love you.

  9. i always thanks to smtown

  10. ooouu,,how sweet..

  11. they are so sweet

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