Posted by: krnloop | May 6, 2008

Lee Soo Young hosts “Kiss the Date”

Lee Soo Young is going to be back on television as she hosts a new variety program of cable channel O’live called “Kiss the Date” with comedian Kim Ji Hye.

The show is going to be about a showbiz celebrity and a non-showbiz person having their blind date recorded and aired on national television. This show is not going to be just another “survival of the fittest” date program but a “real date program.”

The first guest is singer-actor Ji Hyun Woo. The date scenes of Ji Hyun Woo and his non-showbiz date have already been recorded but Lee Soo Young’s first recording was only done today, May 6, in a coffee shop in Hongdae.

Last year, Lee Soo Young hosted SBS ” Music Space” with comedian Shin Dong Yup.

Source: Paran



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