Posted by: krnloop | May 3, 2008

Gummy: It’s always fun when I’m with Daesung.”

Last night’s KBS “Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter” was graced by two of YG Entertainment’s popular singers: Gummy and BIG BANG, who opened the stage with the former’s hit song “I’m Sorry” and followed by “You in My Faded Memory.”

An interview followed, wherein Yoon Do Hyun asked which of the 6 guys on stage, including BIG BANG members and himself, would she like to be with in a relationship. Gummy without hesitation answered the question with, “Daesung. It’s always fun when I’m with him.”

Yoon Do Hyun then asked BIG BANG the question “If Gummy was the only woman in the world, would you date her?” G-dragon answered, “To us she’s family and like an older sister.”

BIG BANG also revealed during the show that Gummy was the voice behind “Yeoboseyo” in the group’s hit song “Lie.”

After the interview, the two performed “We Belong Together.”

Trivia: Yoon Do Hyun’s interview with Gummy and BIG BANG was done while the audience was standing.

Source: Newsen


  1. 진짜? didn’t yoondohyun interview bigbang while they were standing back when they were still performing 마지막 인사? why do i remember them standing? LOLOL & i remember he interviwed f.t. island while they were standing too? omgahh! this is making me doubt myself! LOL

    but keke! daesmile! & gdragon was like, kinda not anwsering the question directly LOL

  2. ohhhh so she’s the one who shares a tiny part in koh jid mal, lol. and d’aww daesung/gummy xD!

  3. their “we belong together” remix is amazing.

  4. I look forward to watching this performance!

    I guess they were standing cuz there weren’t enuf chairs in the studio? 😀

  5. I actually can’t verify if the trivia’s true. But so far, all the other YDH Love Letter perfs I saw have all the interviews done while the singers were standing. lol

  6. they interviewed Big Bang while the audience are standing…

  7. actually he’s been doing interviews standing up for awhile. I remember he interviewed Nell in early April. They were standing up the whole time.
    Daesung does seem like a fun guy. Hyori picked Daesung too in Change. lol

  8. I like Gummy’s voice, i wanna watch this performance. I was just thinking Gummy picked Daesung who idolizes Wheesung ~ gee i got this poorly connected hehehe

  9. like it seems many already said, this isn’t the first time he’s done a standing interview. krnloop, i think the article’s talking about the audience.

  10. Thanks for the correction! I was only able to read comments today. I’ll go edit the article now.

  11. i like Gummy. But I don’t like it how it says, “when i’m with daesung, its always fun”

  12. well they do make a good match but i like her with top better!

  13. omg~~~ i love tops jacket!!! he wore that in some other perf or sumthing i think except it was sparkly red~ >ww<

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