Posted by: krnloop | May 1, 2008

TVXQ: on top of Oricon Weekly chart for 2nd time

TVXQ’s 22nd Japanese single “Beautiful You” has once again made a record because it placed 1st in the Oricon Weekly chart, which covered April 23 to 28. This is a great feat because it is very rare for a singer in Asia, apart from the Japanese ones, to rank 1st in Oricon’s Weekly chart.

The single debuted first in the Oricon Daily chart on April 23, the day of the release of the single, with about 21,000 sold copies and successfully rose on top of the Oricon Weekly chart with 62,000 sold copies. This is the second time TVXQ placed first in the Weekly chart after its “Purple Line” single.

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. tvxq! you are the best

  2. tvxq! you are the best. i believe u are the famous on the world.i pray for u.

  3. tvxq!!!
    i love them sooo much,,
    they r the best….

  4. i donnow wut 2 say but TVXQ R DA BEST AMONG DA BEST…..hahahahahahaha….

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