Posted by: krnloop | May 1, 2008

Sung Si Kyung & Brian host “Help Me! Cooking Box”

Who is the better cook: Sung Si Kyung or Brian?

Starting May 2, the two will host a new show called “Help Me! Cooking Box,” which airs in the cable channel Story On. The two will act as the heads of each team and instruct the challengers, who happen to be housewives who cannot cook well, on cooking. Experts will be present in the show to declare the winning housewife.

“It’ll be a great opportunity to eat good food every week and to learn new cooking tips. I’ll do my best in sharing cooking tips with new housewives and viewers,” Sung Si Kyung said with regard to his new hosting job.

Brian is up for the cooking challenge and commented that as he lives alone, his cooking know-how is not that bad. By the looks of it, Brian seems ready to battle it out with Sung Si Kyung.

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. ahhhhh i can’t wait.

  2. dang, brian is so short! keke

  3. Brian is short.. that guy is like 170cm?

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