Posted by: krnloop | April 30, 2008

Chae Yeon invests on “Bequem”

Chae Yeon has decided to invest in the fashion brand “Bequem.” Taken from the German word that means “comfortable,” the sexy singer is going to be hands-on on “Bequem” and will be involved in the planning, marketing and distribution of the brand.

The brand, which expresses the sensibility of an extremely gorgeous woman, is planned to venture into clothing, accessories and miscellaneous goods.

According to Chae Yeon, she was able to save money during her 10-year career and decided to invest in the said business because she feels that she knows the fashion industry well and has the confidence to manage it.

Chae Yeon added, “I don’t want the brand to be referred to as the “Chae Yeon brand” but as “Bequem.”

Source: Starnews


  1. I’ve seen some of the photoshoots for this clothing line
    at first I thought she was the face of the clothing line, i didnt know she own it
    that’s pretty tight
    I’ve seen a lot of the promotion pics
    and the clothing line look awsome, good luck to Chae Yeon on her business, I think a lot of people will like it.

  2. chae yeon look very prettty for everything she wear
    she own it

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Chae Yeon-ssi!
    Good luck & more success with your Bequem brand.
    Hope you’ll get married soon (with LSG) I hope!

  4. the clothes look very prtetttty i love th bagd
    hgo cha eyeon

  5. Yeonie i love you to death and i hope everything is going on well for you and i have seen your superlive concert in china, beijing that was pretty hot babygirl

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