Posted by: krnloop | April 25, 2008

Jewelry members’ ideal guys

Jewelry members talked about their ideal guys in an episode of the OBS show “The Interview,” which will be aired on the 26th.

Seo In Young said, “Crown J, Alex or all the guys I’m with in a certain program are not my ideal types but Crown J is close to being one. If a guy is as serious as Alex, it is likely that he will get irritated with my character because we don’t match. I like men who don’t have double eyelids like Lee Jung Jae and So Ji Sup. I like a guy who’s broad-minded and considerate.”

Park Jung Ah expressed that now that she is already 27 years old, she is a bit lonely and would like to receive and give love to someone.

“I like someone who is sincere and honest. I’d like to live happily like Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra,” Park Jung Ah revealed.

When it came to the two new members, Ha Joo Yeon said that she likes a cheerful guy like Yoo Jae Suk while Kim Eun Jung revealed that she likes an attractive guy like Wonbin.

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. that would be cute if in-young and crownj really dated!!!

    but man oh man those outfits are tacky

  2. LOL HJY likes Yoo Jae Suk!

  3. KRNLOOP. Where are you? You haven’t updated much or I’m missing something here?

  4. An attractive guy like Wonbin? Who WOULDN’T want him? LOL

  5. Krnloop,
    You haven’t been updating in a while. Did something happen? I hope everything’s alright with you =)

  6. crown j and in-young is a perfect couple, they’re too cute together xD and crown j is so sweet towards her.

  7. Krnloop, where are you? you have not updated in days, is too strange to you, you are a newspaper .. you ok .. I hope that everything is okay ..


  8. please don’t stop updating this site.
    its the best new update site for korean entertainment news that isn’t biased or bloglike

  9. update updatee….. anything happen???

  10. i like park jung ah bt i HATE seo in young. she thinks tht she’s so sexy with tht men face and big nose. LOL

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