Posted by: krnloop | April 24, 2008

Brian dreams to be a great Asian actor

In an interview with Mydaily, Fly to the Sky member Brian expressed his dream of becoming an actor.

“When I see Hwanhee in his acting career, I envy him and think that he’s doing well. If I’m given the opportunity, I’d like to try acting. It’s my dream to be known as a great Asian actor in the US and in other countries. Until now, that dream hasn’t changed,” Brian expressed.

Brian continued, “I don’t think that it’s going to happen just like that. Little by little, good opportunities will come my way and I’ll have to give my best in them.”

Brian is currently in the show “Good-looking Guys’ Carriage” of the satellite channel KBS Joy with comedian Jung Chan Woo, Jo Hyun Min and Julian Kang.

Source: Mydaily


  1. brian is one of those who i wouldn’t mind seeing debut here in the states, whether as an actor or singer. 😀

    thanks for the news!

  2. i agree with vanessa… he’s fluent in english and his acting skills are great.

    brian, fighting!

  3. im waiting for Brian’s acting debut and cant wait for his 1st tv series.

  4. It would be so great if he came to the states and was a big actor! That’d be totally awesome.

  5. I’d like to see that happen for ‘im

  6. He’s uber cute! he shold act too! heheh

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