Posted by: krnloop | April 24, 2008

45rpm: First solo concert

Hip hop group 45rpm is holding its first solo concert entitled “The First Time” on May 17 at Catch Light club in Hongdae.

This is the first time 45rpm, who was formed in 1999 and formally debuted in mainstream in 2005, to hold its first concert. For the past years, 45rpm guested in about 100 concerts, such as of Seo Tae Ji, DJ DOC and Lee Seung Hwan.

According to 45rpm, everything that it has perfected for the past 9 years in several stages will be seen in the concert.

Meanwhile, concert ticket sale will start on April 28 in Interpark and Hiphopplaya.

Source: Newsen



  1. this sounds like an awesome concert to go to! oh, if i was only in korea… -_-;;
    i’ve been hooked to their first album… every song is just so good. i should get a copy of their second album soon…

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