Posted by: krnloop | April 23, 2008

Tim stars in “Jesus Jesus” musical

Tim (Hwang Young Min, 27) is to go on stage as Jesus in the musical “Jesus Jesus,” which will run from June 18-20 at The National Theater of Korea’s Haeoreum Hall in Seoul. “Jesus Jesus” is a musical that starts from the story of Creation, Noah, Moses, Prophecy of the Messiah, John the Baptist, to Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection.

“When I received the offer to act in the musical, I was troubled by it. As this is my first time to act in a grand musical and I’m also playing Jesus, the pressure is huge. But I’ll be practicing hard, together with the other actors,” Tim said.

Source: Yonhap



  1. aww, i love tim! … this jesus is asian. XD good luck to him, though~.

    thanks for sharing this!

  2. *gasp!* i love tim too!

    tim, fighting!

  3. wow,
    now i know his real name
    I thought nobody knows what his real name
    i guess i’m just late,
    his vocal is FREAKING AWSOME.
    best of luck to him and his musical.

  4. that’s the coolness right there.

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  6. ohmy. he’s playing jesus? wow. nice. i’d like to see that.

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  8. Tim, keep on inspiring people through your talents. God Bless you and your family.

  9. For me tim is the best suit to be included on this kind of musical..
    Keep inspiring a lot of people…
    you’re really very good in singing…
    you can really feel the emotions and the feeling within your harmony…
    good luck….always have faith..
    this is why i like and love this Balladeer Singer – Tim
    how i wish i can watch it….

  10. Tim, you’re my hero.
    asianjesus ftw!

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