Posted by: krnloop | April 23, 2008

SG Wanna Be’s 5th album: 85,000 preorders

SG Wanna Be’s 5th album called “My Friend,” which is slated to be released on the 24th, has already recorded 85,000 preorders, making this album already a smash hit even before its official release.

The album’s title track is a country-style song called “La La La,” which strays away from SG Wanna Be’s previous songs like “Arirang,” “Partner for Life,” and “While You Live.” Out of the 85,000 preorders, a Japanese fan club ordered 30,000 copies of the album, which proved the group’s popularity overseas.

Also, at noon today, SG Wanna Be’s 5th album was made available in and has become a hit.

Moreover, eyes are on SG Wanna Be whether the group, now with a new member named Lee Suk Hoon, can rise above its record for the 4th album called “The Sentimental Chord,” which sold almost 200,000 copies and rose as last year’s most sold album.

On another note, SG Wanna be is going to start its 5th album comeback in Mnet “MCountdown” on the 24th, followed by KBS “Music Bank” on the 25th, MBC “Music Core” on the 26th and “SBS Inkigayo” on the 27th.

Source: Joynews24



  1. how come u guys switch places with whyme cuz sgwannabe is cool and its awsome, awsome songs jsut so u no hahaha i like as a freiends for sg wannabe. ^_^

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