Posted by: krnloop | April 22, 2008

Seo In Young, outfit plagiarism?

Netizens are at it again! Now they are criticizing Seo In Young’s outfit in Jewelry’s “Silence!” music video, which was shot yesterday. According to Netizens, it was copied from Christina Aguilerra’s outfit in her “Can’t Hold Us Down” music video.

“The two outfits look so much alike” and “She seems to have no individuality” are comments seen online, which pertain to the similarity between Seo In Young and Christina Aguillera’s outfits, but not everyone is against Seo In Young because one Netizen posted, “Is it already plagiarism just because their clothes are the same?”

Slanderin’ names for popularity
It’s sad you only get your fame through controversy
So what am I not supposed to say what I’m saying
Are you offended by the message I’m bringing
Call me whatever cos your words don’t mean a thing
Guess you ain’t even a man enough to handle what I sing

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. fire the damn coodi

  2. These netizens are really annoying. How can wearing the same outfit be plagiarism? Clothes are mass produced so that everyone can where them including the netizens with the accusations.

  3. I wouldn’t call it plagiarism but she’s definitely biting the look. I don’t blame Seo In Young though. I agree with daniel. Fire the stylist.

  4. imitation is the highest form of flattery. i don’t particularly like inyoung, but its just clothes. crazy netizens need to chill & stop leaping at every teeny opportunity to hate on someone.

  5. lol We must be plagiarizing every day then if wearing the same clothes is considered that.

  6. […] Source […]

  7. lol.. clothes plagiarism? didn’t know there was such a thing… but i agree in the sense that they are copying Christina’s video. Probably a “remake” of he video, but you have to admit that its pretty similar…

  8. Okay…plagiarism is words and ideas and such…not outfits. Now suddenly someone cannot have the same clothes? So if some person had the same t-shirt as me, then that person copied me? As if!

  9. Aish, i wouldn’t call it plagiarism.
    i like that outfit and i think it suits in-young better!

  10. alot of people prolly wear outfits like this so they all are doing plagiarism?!

  11. What’s up with these damn netizens?

    This is one of the major flaws of the internets… People feeling like they can say whatever they like behind the comforts of their own computer.

  12. Exacty it’s not her goddamn choice for wearing these clothes gosh. What’s with these people i understand antisnothing wrong with being one but about what she wears or sings sometimes it really isnt her choice. And it looks hell hot on In Young.

  13. I saw this before, but i checked it back.
    But in the video clip Seo in Young isnt wearing the purple outfit… =o

  14. her hat and clothes are different. They’re different styles and colors!!

  15. No doubt, she wears it better than Christina Aguilerra.

  16. The problem is Korean designers, lyricist, and video producers always steal from western and Japanese culture. Just look at all the material Hyori Lee has plundered from western artist. Ivy’s song Cupido BTW shares the same sound as Britney Spears Toxic.. It happens so often but since the US is so far separated from Korea the only people who actually notice it are netziens..

    This one isn’t plagiarism since you can’t plagiarize a wardrobe scheme but the idea was obviously stolen by whoever the talentless stylist is and anyone who can’t see it is stupid.

    Still though I love SIY so don’t matter to me either way.. BTW didn’t they change the outfit to green since this issue was brought up?

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