Posted by: krnloop | April 22, 2008

CJ Media opens own Youtube page

CJ Media has opened today, April 22, its own brand page called “Mnet” in the largest video site, Youtube. Contents from other affiliates of CJ Media like tvN, Channel CGV, Xports, XTM, O’Live, CJ Entertainment (Movies), Mnet Media (Mnet, KM) are also to be uploaded soon.

As this page is targeted for overseas viewers, video contents uploaded in the 5 video categories (Celebrity News, Drama/Series, Movies, Music and Variety/Reality) have English subtitles. CJ Media also plans to upload 200 or more videos in a year in its brand page.

Source: Yonhap



  1. this means no more related cj media can be uploaded…otherwise a/c terminated

  2. So if you already have cj media stuff uploaded, are you in danger of getting your account suspended?

  3. Is that really true, coolsmurf? Don’t they ever get it? The more they slap on copyrights, the less int’l exposure they’ll get. And their video quality is terrible…and who wants to see performances from 2004?!

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