Posted by: krnloop | April 22, 2008

BIG BANG in Thailand, surprise birthday party

Last April 20, popular group BIG BANG spent time with 5,000 Thai fans at the Siam Tower in Bangkok, Thailand for the promotions of the “Global Warning Tour Live in Bangkok 2008.” A specially-installed stage was set-up outdoors, where the press conference and autograph session took place.

According to the staff, more than 5,000 fans were actually there and not minding the heat.

The event also turned out as a surprise birthday party for Daesung, whose birthday is on the 26th. A cake was brought out and Daesung cut it and shared the slices with fans. Although there was some pushing, the event ended safely.

On the other hand, BIG BANG continues its nationwide tour on the 27th at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Kwangju.

Source: Sports Chosun



  1. Awww Daesungi got another cake.
    How nice of the Thai fans to do that!

  2. LOL, if i was there and get to eat the cake. ohmygod, i think i can’t sleep forever. LOL

  3. WoW! So sad Seung Ri baby wasn’t there to celebrate with them…

    I went there in SIAM and it was great, the venue was so BIG, I’m so happy that thai fans greeted them warmly.

  4. it’s not a GREAT Concert Live Album Press’s a Global Warning Tour Concert Live in Bangkok. I’m so happy about this conference coz they have live performance in Thailand.I’m at there too.I thinks the weather is hot but i can wait them

    It’s a GREAT day for me and VIP fan in Thailand

  5. thanks for the correction. Should have looked at one of the pictures. Will edit the text now.

  6. i love g-dragon’s sunglasses. ^.^ big bang has such great style.

  7. ahhhhhhh did u guys c how sexii g-dragon looks there in that picture.oh whee dae sung is cute n funny.BIIG BANG ROXS..

  8. so lucky ….when big bang will come to Malaysia?
    by d way g dragon so stylish

  9. woow cool bigbangiinhan lag ym aa duu buh ni goy shuu unen mair bujiglej huwtsaldag

  10. cool good job big bangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. I never never like BIGBANG^^!!!!!
    Very handsome.

  12. amjilt sak boys gj big bang boys-iig heleh bhaa

  13. hi ta nar sak shuu aja aja amjilt mongold irj togloltoo hiihgui yum uu nzuudaa

  14. G-Dragon is da cutest guy i’ve ever seen

  15. big bang hamgiin shildeg …………so … giin gants shildeg hamtlag bj chadjee eee gaihaltai zaluus shuu

  16. yoooooooy vnen tasarhai nadad taalagddag shvv

  17. awwW so sweet! 😀


  19. cool ystoi lag ymaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa big bang chi shuuuuuuuuuuu

  20. big bang unen goy hamt lag shuu i love you biig bang

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