Posted by: krnloop | April 22, 2008

AJOO to perform in Thailand

Valentine’s Day boy AJOO was invited to perform at the anniversary concert of “Advance Radio,” which is a subsidiary of Channel V Thailand, on the 27th at the Central World in Bangkok, Thailand. AJOO is the only South Korean singer invited to the event and he will be performing his debut song “First Kiss” and “Alarm 6:00” during the concert.

On the 26th and 28th, AJOO is scheduled to have newspaper, magazine, TV and radio interviews and also TV guest appearances. On the 29th, AJOO will have a press conference and fan meeting at the Siam Discovery Center.

Channel V Thailand cameras will also be following AJOO while in Thailand and the captured videos are scheduled to be aired in a special program.

AJOO returns to Korea on May 1.

Source: Starnews



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  2. He’s very pretty.

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