Posted by: krnloop | April 19, 2008

Lexy on working on her 4th album and YG

Last April 17’s episode of the Mnet show “Bopper’s,” Lexy revealed her experiences while preparing for her 4th album, which meant crying everyday during album work, and in leaving YG Entertainment.

“The 4th album is very important to me regardless if it’s a success. News that I cried during the album work are also true. It was really hard doing everything alone.

“YG is like home to me and at that time, I felt very relaxed. Because of that, it made me think to persevere more. The 4th album is something in which I was able to be strong because I wanted to stand on my own feet.”

During the April 17 episode of “Bopper’s,” Lexy also talked about singers featuring in songs.

“When singers are requested to do featuring, a large sum of money is required. I really didn’t know that until now and I felt confused about it,” Lexy said.

Source: Joynews24



  1. aww lexy fighting! it must have been really hard for her to leave yg because she was there for about 9 years… no wonder yg felt like home for her. she’s still awesome though.

  2. I hope she just stayed in YG because they treat everyone as
    ‘Family Family Family’…

    I’ll still support her in whatever she does.

  3. I feel so much sympathy for her. ❤ I liked her fourth, but I still think she should’ve just stayed in YG. ._.;;

  4. wow. she cried during work? i’m sure she’s putting all she has into her upcoming album. i hope everything she’s doing will shape eventually into what she wants and needs.

  5. hy kak lexy aku seneng sama lagu girl loh kak kapan kakak datang ke bekasih manggung di bekasi sequare ak ?…..

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