Posted by: krnloop | April 18, 2008


I thought I never would have to address this but I felt ashamed that I wasn’t able to bring this up and had Ayano mention about it first before acting on it.

krnloop has received a few rude comments on Kpop singers since it started but since I can tolerate them, I never reprimanded people about it. But this issue has already affected people and even one comment made me feel bad.

Guys, there’s Freedom of Speech but don’t abuse it and just say what you feel like saying. Don’t call people names! What would you feel if you were called names when you really are not that kind of person? Have respect for others! Just because celebrities are “public entities” doesn’t mean you can say anything about them. RESPECT. Remember, what you say reflects what you are as a person. I respect everyone’s views but please please show respect for this site and others. I’m not stopping you from posting what you want to say but know your limitations.

Also, there’s a commenter who impersonated KMD. I know you have an issue with KMD but why did you have to bring the drama here? You know KMD’s email add so why not email her? Why did you have to use her username and post an awful comment? I respect your site so please respect this site. You have your world, I have mine.



  1. I don’t know what drama is going on…. (I just read your entries and for the most part ignore the comments)… but yes, people need to be more mature. Just because you’re hiding behind a screenname doesn’t give you the right to say something you wouldn’t say in person.

  2. Wow…after reading this post I’ve decided that you are RESPECTABLE person. I’ve always found this issue frustrating and I never knew how to deal with it. Everything you said is so true. What you say definitely reflects who you are. Thanks for trying to maintain the integrity of this site.

  3. ahh people stop making krnloop have such a hard time!! this site is like the ONLY reliable site there is!! you da best krnloop! ill help you capture the dumb people that are acting… dumb lol

    keep the goo work up krnloop!

  4. This is the real me…..

    What happened…? I frequently visit your site but I don’t usually comment on the articles.

    I just read the article and I’m clueless about what happened.

    I never use/used a different e-mail add when I’m commenting,,, I’m glad that you know it’s not me who posted the rude comment.

    I think it is because of my comment on the other site, I told them that you posted the article first and I think that comment of mine annoyed them. I’m sorry if I used your site but I’m glad that they were disturbed because I think that they have gone too much on insulting the artists. Aside from that, I don’t remember a thing when I participated on a ‘fight’ between the commentators so I think that was mainly the reason.

    I’m sorry if I brought trouble to your site. I have no intentions of hurting you or bringing rude comments on your site.

    Please give me a clue on what happened and tell me where did he post that rude comment while using my name so I can annalyze my situation with him.

    I will always support your site and most importantly I will keep in mind the word ‘Respect’.

    Thank You.

  5. You can see the comment here:

  6. hey loop and kmd..

    hang in there..people would do anything just to bring you down…

    sorry coz am a bit blur about what’s going on here..however i think i manage to catch the clues..

    but whatever it is, HANG IN there!!!

    all the best krnloop..will talk to you soon.. coz right now am so addicted listening to Epik High’s new album..and watching the vid for 30th

  7. lolololololololololol!!! I’m not downloading the album because I’ll really wait for it to get here! It still hasn’t been shipped.

    But I did hear a 1:30 preview of One and it sounds new. It’s unlike Fly, Fan or Love Love Love.

    Don’t worry, I’m not hanging because I’m grounded.

  8. krnloop…lol hahahaha..grounded? and ur right its totally different from the previous albums..more euro trance and all..

    i wasnt going to download it first and like waiting for my copy to arrive..however, due to my itchy hands, i couldnt help but to click and

    OMG..loop..u should check it out…haha..

  9. Hanging would mean I’m in a vulnerable situation and describing my situation now as “grounded” just means that I have full control of things. lol, I sound like an Army General.

    lol, I think I can still take the torture of not being able to listen to the album.

  10. I completely agree with you. People should show some respect for the artists and their fans. You don’t need to be insulting or offensive to be critical.

  11. I love you site…
    it’s really objective…

  12. That’s why I love this site. Because it shows integrity and respect

  13. Thanks for posting this. I really respect you for saying this, and I hope whatever’s going on gets resolved. ā¤

  14. krnloop!hwaiting!!love your articles…^^

  15. So, I came here after seeing KMD’s recent comment on my site. I did not pose as KMD on this site, nor do I care much for him/her or your site – don’t flatter yourself.

    If I wanted to b*tch at you, I would do it straight up… I’m not a little kid who is afraid to voice their opinion, as I’m sure most already know.

    If you want to preach respect, follow it by not making false accusations.


  16. i have no idea what happened, but i thank you for making this post. you and this site have gained a lot of respect from me, and i applaud you for it. i see a lot of disrespect between people and against kpop stars/artists, so it’s nice to see someone step up and say something.

    i have always tried to maintain respect for everyone on the internet, and toward to kpop stars/artists whether i like them or not. i hope others will strive to do the same.

    thanks again. keep on looping!

  17. Eh? I come here after a few days or maybe a week or so (I’ve been studying like a good girl), but let me tell you, I TOTALLY respect you and this site. Even though I don’t always comment, I try to comment sometimes. ^^ But I respect you for making this site, keeping it and everyone else updated with unbiased views. There have been so many sites that are biased when it comes to certain artists and it annoyed me, whether I liked the artist or not. When I found krnloop, it was like fresh air after being stuck on a stuffy room for hours!

    So, thank you.
    -YeXing ^^

  18. If I know Johnny, he ain’t no wuss to make use someone else’s SN.

  19. Seriously this is the only site that is not hating on celeb šŸ˜› like allkpop are hating on every single one of my favorites! indeed RESPECT.

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