Posted by: krnloop | April 18, 2008

Park Hwayobi: guy magnet

Park Hwayobi confessed in tonight’s episode of KBS JOY “Save 10 Million Won,” which airs at 11:10 pm, that she is “popular among men.”

“I’ve truly loved 8-9 guys but I can no longer count how many I’ve had flings with. I’ve had a fling with a foreigner who I met while I was traveling abroad,” Park Hwayobi said, which amazed the people in the set.

On the other hand, when asked who her ideal type is, Park Hwayobi said, “My ideal type is someone like Ha Jung Woo because he’s the lovable and reliable type of guy.”

Source: Jknews



  1. she’s really pretty so i don’t know why guys wouldn’t go after her. this picture of her looks good compared to all the other kind of recent pics released of her too.

  2. that is one hot picture of hwayobi

  3. Wow. She looks really sexy in this pic! I’ve never seen her like this. I like ^^

    I wonder what she means when she says “fling.” O_O

  4. OH!!! SHE LOOKS SO HOT!!!
    like her!!! ^.^

  5. OMG!! she looks so different here!! I was just watching We “just” got married and she looked no where close to this..

  6. She used to look like BoA, especially in her MV Lie. All she has to do is lose some weight and get a new wardrobe.

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