Posted by: krnloop | April 18, 2008

Paran facing a plagiarism issue

Paran’s 3rd album title track entitled “Don’t Cry” is now being criticized by Netizens and music fans as plagiarized from Backstreet Boys’ song “Inconsolable,” which is off the popular group’s “Unbreakable” album.

According to Netizens and music fans, the “Baby~” part of “Don’t Cry” and “Baby~” part of “Inconsolable” are similar.

However, according to NH Media, Paran’s label, the melody of “Don’t Cry” is different from “Inconsolable” when heard in its entirety. Moreover, the label also said that Sung Woo Suk, who composed ‘Don’t Cry’, has not heard “Inconsolable” before so saying that it was plagiarized from the Backstreet Boys song is not true.

Source: Mydaily


  1. oh no..not again..first it was Paran? I just hope that the true Paran Fans know whats real and whats not..

  2. Netizens really need to get a job, to start practising a sport, to do ANYTHING to keep their minds busy enough so they won’t imagine shits like that. Yeah, the chorus of both songs are similar if you point out that they both start with “Baby~”, but is that enough to accuse anyone of plagiarism? Inconsolable is VERY different from Don’t Cry, even though both songs give the feeling of “adult boyband” (which all recent BSB songs have). Netizens have become really, really annoying.

  3. Koreans really need to learn to appreciate their own singers. I don’t understand why do they have to judge so hard their artists.

    I love so much PARAN and Backstreet Boys and honestly I don’t think they sound similar. Well, perhaps the ‘Baby’ part but c’mon! Many songs have this word in the lyrics.

    Support PARAN!!!

  4. Okay, I listened to the song after reading this article and I have to say that they are nothing alike beside the point that they both have the word baby.
    WTF, if this was plagiarism then all those other songs that have the word baby must have been plagerizing each.

  5. I listened to “Inconsolable” and and “Don’t Cry” a few times after reading this article…and all I have to say is: “You have got to be kidding me.” Wow…if having “Baby~” in the beginning is grounds of plagiarism, then any song that has the word “saranghae” in it , should have been plagiarized too right? Ridiculous, that’s what this is.

  6. please!
    they are not alike…

  7. …. how is just saying baby~ plagiarising?!? =_= so many singers say baby~ like jewerly! Baby one more time? and wat are “Netizens”?!? is it abbreviation for nazi fan? o.o; cuz it sounds really similar…^^;

  8. I like paran

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