Posted by: krnloop | April 18, 2008

Crown J: “Seo In Young is close to my ideal type”

In an interview with Starnews on the 17th, Crown J revealed that Jewelry’s Seo In Young is close to his ideal type.

He said, “I currently don’t have a girlfriend but out of the 4 women in the show ‘We’re Married,’ Seo In Young, who plays my partner, is close to my ideal woman. For me, although I really respect elders, I like a woman who is assertive.”

Crown J also mentioned that in “We’re Married,” he and Seo In Young often fight but they really have many things in common like they like the same music and even have the same perfume and lotion. He reasoned that because of that, they are able to show their natural selves in MBC “We’re Married.”

Source: Daily Seop



  1. I was watching this episode of “We’re got Married” I was cracking up so hard at Crown J’s sudden burst of english and his pimp pride. haha. too hilarious, I like this couple, while others are just lovey dovey, this couple had their own way of being cute, messing around. In Young can be scary sometime though, she like to be in control, Crown J just like try to fight, but give up at the end. I love the part where he was going on and on about something, he thought In Young was listening to him but she put on her headphone and listen to music, he turned around and saw her and he was like shocked, he was like “WAHH! you really are the best” hahahaa. he was speechless. love this couple.

  2. […] if it were true that a breast exposure happened during the first episode of the MBC show “We’re Married.” Seo In Young was quick to answer and said that there was no breast exposure but the tops […]

  3. […] In Young said, “Crown J, Alex or all the guys I’m with in a certain program are not my ideal types but Crown J is […]

  4. […] In Young said, “Crown J, Alex or all the guys I’m with in a certain program are not my ideal types but Crown J is close […]

  5. My favorite couple!

  6. […] Last May 9, Crown J and Seo In Young released a digital single entitled “Too Much,” which also serves as the the two singers’ theme song in the MBC show “We’re Married,” where they act as a married couple. […]

  7. i love the way he say “A”…hahaha

  8. they are so funny. one of my two favorite couples. i love both of their personalities, they crack me up all the timne esp when the say the “S” because they just sound so funny. lol cute couple.

  9. oops i meant to say “A” lol

  10. My fav couple! they make it all worth while with their own brand of loving-fighing. crown J’s the BEST!

  11. I Love Crown J he is so cute and i love his music. But i was wondering what chanal is the show your talking about and becuze the only show I really get to see is “It Started With A Kiss” and i get that on chanal 560. thz


    • it’s called we got married

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