Posted by: krnloop | April 18, 2008

BoA: scheduled to guest in “The Star Show”

BoA will be back on Korean television in no time because she will be one of the relay guests in the new SBS show called “The Star Show,” which is planned to start airing on April 28 at 11:10 pm. The show is hosted by Choi Soo Jong and Park Soo Hong.

“The first guest was decided to be Shim Hyung Rae. After him, BoA, Kim Yun Ah and others will follow,” said a production staff member of “The Star Show” in a phone interview with Starnews on the 17th. The staff member also shared that top stars who are rarely seen on TV are planned to be invited to the said talk show.

This is really a great opportunity for fans to see BoA in an hour-long talk show because she has not been visible in local television for a long time now because of her busy overseas schedule.

Source: Starnews



  1. Whoahh!!! Thanx for sharing!!! good to know!! that’s cool! I thought BoA is busy with her THE FACE ARENA TOUR

  2. Who care what has she done lately!

  3. I do care bout it! Haha shes da best

  4. BoA <3333333
    I really2 miss her in korea T_T
    I hope she will make a comeback soon.

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