Posted by: krnloop | April 17, 2008

Seo In Young: “My husband~”

Seo In Young posted pictures of herself and Crown J in her mini homepage last April 15, which she titled “My husband~.” The two play as a married couple in the hit MBC show “We’re Married.”

Netizens who have seen the pictures commented that the two are “very cute,” and that they “look good together.”

Source: Chosun



  1. She’s so pretty and really talented.

  2. i seen them together on a show in january, crown j is quite a bit short with her, still they won!

  3. […] but out of the 4 women in the show ‘We’re Married’, Seo In Young, who plays my partner, is close to my ideal woman. For me, although I really respect elders, I like a woman who is […]

    • MWO YAAAA!!!
      you didn’t tell me!!
      .. ya u idiot!!
      –seo in young

  4. […] In Young posted pictures of herself and Crown J on her minihompy on 15th April which was titled “My husband~.” Netizens who have […]

  5. haha it looks like in-young is the female version of crown j in that photo.

  6. They look CUTE 2gether..
    but,what i doN’t like aBouT iN-youNg is she was quite over in kbs star golden bell makes me waNNa slap her!

  7. sheis really prettty and talent
    love her with crown j

  8. hahhaah now i like this couple the most

  9. AnNy0nGg.. WeLL,, B0th 0f tHeM QuiTe cUtE,eHh! AnD SwEeT c0uPLe.. i LiKeEe!!! LoVe fR0m Ur FAnS,, YaZza @ BrUnEi DaRuSsALaM..!!! sArAnGhE y0o..!!! @((+,0))@

  10. i love this couple
    since ive been watch they
    more powerful inlove!!

  11. i lllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee you crown j tu et le mellieur dan tou le monde je t’aime bouceau you are verry sexy i love you baby by bone chance

  12. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAA” love u …………
    Crown J u are excelent as rapper please keep singing to us and keep y re style don’t changed also u working hard with sEO iN yOUNG countinue what u doing with her .It dosen’t matter lover couple, bussiness couple or freinds just keep singing for us.
    From Tunisia GO GO GO BABY

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