Posted by: krnloop | April 16, 2008

TSZX the Grace holds another concert in Japan

After the success of TSZX the Grace’s first solo concerts in Tokyo, Japan last March 20 and 23, an additional concert date was set on May 19.

According to SM Entertainment on the 16th, TSZX has been working hard in Japan and gaining recognition and was also able to capture the audience with its hit songs through its concerts.

“Because of fans’ support, we decided to hold once more a concert on May 19 at the Daikanyama UNIT in Tokyo. The reaction on this additional concert was great because the tickets are now sold-out,” SM Entertainment revealed.

Through SM Entertainment, TSZX the Grace conveyed its reaction on holding another concert and said, “We’re happy to be as one with the audience through this concert. We wish to express our gratitude to fans for supporting the additional concert and to repay them with great performances.”

Source: Starnews



  1. grats girls!!! ❤
    they have a lot of potential 🙂

  2. they suck! they shouldn’t even be a group! they’re so lame! sending out flyers to TOHOSHINKI’s fans! they’re horrid horrid horrid singers! plus all their members, except sunday, are ugly!! I HOPE THEY FAIL IN JAPAN! GO BACK TO KOREA! WHORES!

  3. I agree, they suck!!! They’re ugly, mainly Chung Mo, he seems a monkey. She has croseeyed and her nose is a ball, her mouth is deform too. I hope they fail in Japan. They’re a fail in Korea. SNSD, Wonder Girls and KARA are better than this prostitutes, seriously.

    Go to hell, wangas!!!

  4. wow nag sold out pala sila? galing

  5. what’s up with these comments? Get their names right first before blaming them.

  6. CSJHlover, suck it. Sarit was talking about that main whore, Stephanie. SHE IS SO FUGLY! SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN IN DRAG!

  7. They do not suck. They obviously have better talent then the other girls in korea and have been pretty successful since their album in korea came out. Plus they are not ugly. And they are not horrid singers. Their singing is on par and better then Seeya.

  8. best girl group ever
    they desserved every fame
    csjh hwaiting!!!!!!!!

  9. They’re only “successful” because they’ve been dubbed the “female DBSK”. They’re not even up to DBSK’s level. They should just break up.

  10. no.. not really. They got quite a few anti-fans because they were compared to DBSK. If they hadn’t, they would have been more successful. I don’t see why you’re hating on them so much. You don’t like them – fine, you know cos thats your opinion, but to call them whores is just mean. They’re only whores if they go round sleeping with guys and do they do that? Ofcourse not. Anyway, if you don’t like them, just ignore their music and support the artists you do like, because this will only bring them more attention. : )
    Don’t have a go at me like the other people, I, like you, am only expressing my opinion.

  11. avastar,Sarit has to be the same person XD
    comment like these makes me ROFL. maybe youare a big fan of them? you took your time write about them, man that must take time 😮 if you don’t like them so why spend your time by writing stupid comments? you really think they’re going to read this? nah i don’t think they care about you. maybe you are a jealous just because they got to meet our sexy oppas DBSK. you have a problem! keep on the good work krnloop.

  12. Lmao, Shishkabobz, yeah I agree. They get to work and train alongside our very sexy oppas DBSK. ^_^

  13. I think CSJH is as AWESOME as DBSK !!
    both group are so alike..have vocals+looks+singing acapella+ perfect dancing…
    unlike some other girlgroup that cant even sing and get so many fans…

    avastar and sarit have to be same sucky person..
    sucha loser wasting time bashing on a wonderful talented group..

  14. Don’t say that you prefer SNSD, Wonder Girls or
    KARA, I think you don’t like CSJH because Yunho (or other members of DBSK)
    Who’s the real Suck? (or you think if you keep
    bashing them like this, Yunho will like you!!!
    NO Way!!!)

  15. avastar and sarit like yunho??
    like he or she would ever goin to get him!!!
    sucha loser, DBSK’s GF WANNA BE!!!!
    geez if u finally becomes one of DBSK gf, i’ll hate that member 4ever for choosing a stupid jealous slut like u!!

    CSJH is soo talented, i love them sooo much, and admire them sooo much
    they sing soo in harmony, got such a beauutiful voice, dances soo good, u can’t call a professional dancer a whore slut unless ur just jealous of their dancing skills

    but really, they shouldn’t be DBSK female version, they would be more famous if they’re not

    hope they get more famous

  16. Very happy CSJH made a success in Japan…
    And i pretty surprise that they do have anti fan like avastar… Well, I guess this is normal since there are many “narrow minded” people on the net… Strange that they do search for CSJH’s stuff (since thay are their anti fan)…
    I can’t find any reason not to like them…

    Strong dance
    Nice singing and acapella
    Nice personality

    Hope they have a great future… =)

  17. avastar gotta be an avid csjh-hater…. the language u used remind me of another fool who keep flaming csjh on youtube… maybe u are the very one who did it…seriously if u dont like them juz dont watch or read anything related to them..

    anyway i hope csjh can get a good result in japan
    the gals are really talented…the only thing they lack is good promotion and some luck..

  18. Sarit…..if u hate them don’t post nasty comment here because we really don’t care what u say because whatever ur saying its not true. Also they maybe the female dbsk but at least they doesn’t use dbsk’s popularity to be popular, do u even seen them performing or in a show together, no, right? They are known because they work hard and they never use “female dbsk” to promote themselves. There’s a lot of girl groups today who use other popular artists to be popular.

    Tszx work hard like Dbsk and they totally deserved the “female dbsk” because first all 4 can dance and sing decently, they can write their own song, they have almost the same stage name…Dbsk-Csjh…,they both performed in Japan. Also csjh’s Here was in top 12 in oricon chart in Japan in 2008, Sarit tell me did they use Dbsk to get there…..Csjh are the best all rounded girl group in Korea today, no question. i really hope that sm give them good song when they comeback in 2010 and if they don’t just leave sm and find good management to handle them. Csjh please comeback and FIghting!!!!Shapley’s are waiting for ur comeback!!!!!

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